Create an account using Facebook Connect

Why register?

We've recently made it possible for you to log in to the comments system with your Facebook or Google account. When you use either account, it serves as a universal login and the authorization of your credentials is passed on to either Facebook or Google - we don't keep or even see your user info and password.

While Facebook/Google login provides account authentication, to actually be able to post a comment you have to choose a unique nickname for our comments system.

Here are some good reasons to sign up using your Facebook or Google account:

  • Your nickname is reserved for you and it will be pre-filled when you decide post later. Logging back in takes only a single click (if you're currently signed in to your Facebook/Google account).
  • Each post will have clear indication if it was posted anonymously or if it's from a registered user. Posts from registered users carry more credibility.
  • Comments from registered users have to pass through fewer checks and are more likely to be published straight away without extensive moderation.
  • Your real name (along with other personal info and profile photos) is protected. Only your nickname of choice will be listed, and it cannot be used to publicly identify your Facebook/Google profile.
  • Registering is super-fast - as fast as you can come up with a nickname. You can also change your nickname as often as you'd like, given that it's not already taken.
  • If you share an IP with someone and they get banned, it won't affect you. Sometimes we ban repeat offenders by IP, or a whole IP range if they have a dynamic IP. If you are unregistered, such a ban might affect you even if you didn't do anything wrong.
  • Having an account will give you access to some cool features - edit your posts within the first 10 minutes, rate other posts, and more.

If, for some reason, you want to unregister:

Facebook: Go to your Facebook page and open the privacy settings (Account > Privacy Settings). Find the "Apps and Websites" section and hit the "Edit your settings" link, then the "Remove" link under "Apps you use". Choose from the list and hit 'Remove app'. Your Facebook account is no longer linked to in any way.

Google: Simply click 'Logout' in the upper right portion of our site. Your Google account is no longer linked to, until you decide to log in with us again.