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  • Anish

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2012i want to buy one. suggest me from where i can get You can contact your service provider or near by ZTE stores..

  • Anonymous

i want to buy one. suggest me from where i can get

  • koli

As fantastic as ZTE always ZTE is going to launch a new a phone ZTE PF200 with Touch-sensitive controls,Capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors and with fantastic camera Capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors,and its a android ph with latest version iam eagarly waiting to buy this ph ASAP definetly the cost will be low as ZTE always.

  • Jenni

Will it really not have expandable memory?
What will the on board memory be?

Loving the rest of the specs - can't wait for UK release. Hope it will be a comparable price to the fantastic Blade :)

  • abdul

it's ammmazing ,I wanna get one as soon as possible

  • Zac

I just hope that there will be a 850 & 900mhz version coming to Australia.

  • max_hober

I must say.....ZTE is improving...with Ice cream sandwitch and the fact that its a handset its awesome.....I just hgope the downloading speed is atleast 18 Mbps...and its dual-core...not bad all....

  • hamza

oh god!!!!! 1080p recording with the secondary cam!!