24-carat Apple iPhone 5s is now available, costs you $2853

21 September, 2013

Gold Genie, a company known for gold plating popular gadgets and smartphones recently came up with the gold edition of the HTC One. Now, the firm has built a 24-carat Apple iPhone 5s, which was officially announced a couple of days ago.

The 24-carat gold Apple iPhone 5s will be available in black or white tops with the middle, back, and sides embellished in gold. The device will be SIM free and unlocked to work on all networks across the globe.

Apple iPhone 5s from Gold Genie is up for grabs in three different options - gold, platinum and rose gold. The 16 GB model of the gold edition costs you 1,781 (about $2,853), while base model of the platinum version is priced at 1,865 (about $2,988). The rose gold variant of the iPhone 5s carries a price tag of 1,831 (about $2,934).

The 32GB and the 64GB options are also available. You can check out the source link below for more details on the pricing.



Reader comments

  • wil

now this phone is nice, I know it costs a lot because it is 24k gold now the price is low enough think about it your just paying for the gold on it I would like every one to go look at the price of gold then come comment this is cheap I know people w...

  • coolest

e be like say u never check the presents from Jonathan to the guests at his daughter's wedding.. "24 carat gold with diamond studs" please search for it and know that the president wont only buy, but share it as gifts.. who do you think app...

  • sparky

the price is a bit much for this phone as the 5s only costs £709.00 for the 64 gb model so $2853 or £1709.71 is a bit to much please drop the price more people would buy iy if you did and then you will end uyp making more money in the lon...

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