South Korea already has over 260,000 5G subscribers

Michail, 01 May 2019

South Korea was the first country to introduce commercially available 5G at the beginning of April and according to the Ministry of Science and ICT, the country's three telecoms now boast a combined 260,000 subscribers for the next gen networks.

Out of the three main carriers, Korea Telecom (KT) takes the leading spot with 100,000 subscribers while SK Telecom and LG Uplus have not disclosed their exact 5G customer count.

The rapid push towards 5G has caused some issues for early adopters, who reported connectivity problems with the first 5G capable device - Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G. According to the ICT ministry, the country now boasts more than 54,000 5G base stations which should help improve network coverage.

5G coverage in South Korea is still limited to areas in the capital of Seoul. As other countries are preparing to join the new network standard, we can expect some time to pass before the wider availability and connectivity issues are sorted out.

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  • Anonymous

did the last commentator ever visited china to know their network capabilities? they are selling it and that is alright. he know only that of two states in the us. you cant know everything man so shut up

  • elon

its more for IoT, e.g. self driving cars

  • Anonymous


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