iPad Pro 12.9 charges 64% faster with USB Type-C adapter

Enrique, 26 March, 2016

Apple’s most recent event offered a couple of new accessories, particularly, the USB Type-C to Lightning adapter ($25) which can be used to charge an apple device using the Macbook’s only connection port, a single USB Type-C port. Along with this new cable, Apple has also begun selling its own branded USB Type-C power brick with a healthy 29W of capable throughput. Here is where the good news comes in.

The new cable combo works superbly well with the iPad Pro 12.9 inch. It charges the battery much faster than the included 12W charger. 9to5Mac has reviewed this charger with the iPad Pro and has reports that the included charger only makes it to 5% after 20 minutes of charging while the faster adapter charged the iPad Pro all the way up to 14% in the same amount of time, around a 64% improvement over the included 12W power brick.

These tests were done with airplane mode on, and the screen on max brightness until the timer hit 10 minutes, then on minimum brightness for the remaining 10 minutes.

The question is: Why was this adapter not included with the $800 tablet? And here is the answer: Apple would not have been able to charge you another $75 for a faster charger.

Though, if you’re fortunate enough to already own a 12” MacBook (Why would you buy an iPad larger than your computer?) then the charger that came with the MacBook is the same $50 29W USB Type-C charger from Apple. You'll still need to buy the USB Type-C to Lightning adapter, though.

So if you have an $800+ iPad Pro, and you have 75 to 80 bucks to throw into a furnace, you can spend it on a faster charger instead, one that should have been included with the iPad Pro to begin with.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 03 Apr 2016
  • hJ5

Another way Apple rips the customer

  • Anonymous
  • 28 Mar 2016
  • tSv

I think you forgot to subtract 1...If the new charger went to 5% in the same amount of time as the original you would say it's just as fast, not 100% faster (5÷5=1.0). 2.8-1 = 1.8 Regardless, you did point out the mistake. And more i...

  • AnonD-519568
  • 28 Mar 2016
  • siv

I've had my iPad Pro for almost 5 months now and have only used an AAPs (Apple Authorized Part) on it it for a safe, short-term replacement until the times when an Apple Lightening/USB cable crimped and I purchased an Anker cable to take it's place ...

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