30% of all Windows Phones are Lumia 520 or 521

29 December, 2013

It's amazing what you can accomplish when you sell a handset with decent specs at an attractive price. As a result of Nokia's aggressive pricing with the Lumia 520 and 521, these little smartphones that could now account for 30% of all Windows Phone handsets sold worldwide.

The news was reveled on AdDuplex's Alex Mendelvich's Twitter account. In the US, the 520 has even outdone sales of the Lumia 920, which previously held the number 2 spot.

If the numbers for the Lumia 520 and 521 are anything to go by, then the Lumia 525 should be a real hit as well. It is nearly identical to the aforementioned two models but for one important difference: it has double the RAM (1GB). This will allow 525 users to enjoy virtually all apps on the Windows Phone marketplace, giving them even more bang for their buck. Let's see if Nokia can win the bargain smartphone race, where it certainly does well now.

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  • AnonD-128035

Nokia should release Lumia 525 in all Countries. Now most people are not buying 520 because they know that 525 is on it's way.. there are almost 6 months that they released it in some countries but all the others are still waiting.. they didn't ...

  • Anonymous

I recently upgraded from Lumia 820 to 920 and never see the 520

  • Anonymous

Custom roms on Android are buggy mess, not worth it.