32GB LG Nexus 5X is cheapest it's ever been, now just $239.99

Vlad, 25 June, 2016

Clearly new Nexus smartphones are coming in just a few short months. So that means last year's models are getting discounted more and more, pushing their prices ever lower. This is especially true of the LG Nexus 5X, the more affordable of 2015's Nexus duo.

We have previously seen the 32GB model offered for only $269.99, but now it's even cheaper than that. An eBay seller with 98% positive feedback is now asking just $239.99 for the device, which is a great deal if you don't mind the 5X's decidedly mid-range specs nowadays (or buying from eBay). By the way, that's the cheapest we've ever seen the 32GB iteration of the Nexus 5X. Oh, and obviously you're getting an unlocked phone, not tied to any carrier contract.

If for whatever reason you want to purchase the same smartphone from Daily Steals, you still have just over one day to grab one for $259.99. The listed price is $269.99, but when you apply the coupon code "NexusEmail10" at checkout an additional $10 will be shaved off.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

why angry ?

  • crapple

moto g4 or even the g4 plus is better option than this overpriced crap !!

  • crapple

xiomi is useless brand. I hope google stops using chinese phone makers to make nexus. HTC will be the best choice for next nexus