41MP camera officially confirmed for the Nokia EOS

19 June, 2013

The Nokia EOS rumor fire has been burning for a very long time now, but since recently Nokia itself has started adding fuel to it. The first rumors started soon after the last Symbian Nokia 808 PureView was announced and even though the Lumia 920 with OIS lens was carrying the PureView brand it didn't turn out the 41MP monster many fans hoped for.

Well the wait is almost over. The company just posted a second teaser for its July 11 event in New York, which says that there will be 41 million reasons to follow it. Get it? 41 million - the same as the number of pixels on the sensor of the upcoming WP8 smartphone.

Over the past few weeks we finally saw the first live pictures of the mysterious Nokia EOS device. Now that we also got to learn the resolution of its sensor, there are very few unknowns about it remaining.

Now the 41 megapixel sensor suggests we might also see an update of the Windows Phone platform pretty soon. Since the currently available WP8 release doesn't support higher-resolution sensors, either Microsoft will have to deliver an update with added drivers, or Nokia will have to do it by itself.

Naturally we'll cover the event so make sure you stick around when the time comes.



Reader comments

  • Carol

While, he is right (i don't know how he figured that out) you are right to. The only problem is that Nokia was using code names since ever, but you can relax, this phone will not be named EOS. Have you ever heard Nokia claming they have a device call...

  • Suey

No, all camera's have a round sensor, so 41MP is correct, then you take a square photo inside the round sensor and you get 38MP or wide agle 34MP.

  • ramur

mate, i just want only to inform that this EOS name is already used in Canon Digital Camera, and now Lumia EOS wp is using it. anyway, is it right to say a newbie to someone. we all started in a newbie, you, anyone else right, were only here to expre...