5 megapixel face-off: Vox populi

Vox populi

GSMArena team, 05 December 2007.

We gathered a lot of opinions on the image quality of this improvised test. It turned out that in general the users' opinions are the same as ours.

As our grand 5-megapixel shootout gets closer to roll out date, we decided to hand you over the real identities of the contenders.

Featured as A is the Samsung G600.

Featured as B is the LG KU990 Viewty.

Featured as C is the Nokia N95 8GB.

Featured as D is the Sony Ericsson K850.

Here are the final results from our improvised poll. Seems like most of you rated Nokia N95 8G at first place, the Samsung G600 at second place, the LG Viewty at third place and finally, the Sony Ericsson K850 at fourth place.

Contender1st Place2nd Place3rd place4th place
A. Samsung G600 601406823
B. LG KU990 Viewty 537313228
C. Nokia N95 8GB 217482432
D. Sony Ericsson K850 43051193

Bear in mind that the user rating is based solely on the image quality of the samples provided by us. All samples have been produced by final retail units. Those results are produced by a blind test taken by 500 or some visitors of GSMArena.com.

You may notice that the total number of votes may not be the same in all columns, since many users abstained from suggesting a full ranking and instead preferred to give their vote for the first and last place only.

You should also know however that this ranking is not necessarily the opinion of our team. It should be pointed out that image quality is just one parameter of our cameraphone shootouts. Some of the other things that we like to take into consideration are camera speed, camera interface, video capturing capabilities, etc.

In order to see all those covered when judging our contenders, stay tuned. We will be publishing our grand 5 megapixel camera shootout as soon as possible.

Reader comments

  • Sdt

The k850 was a pre-release unit guy unless u all didn't notice so may be because of that the results are like this. Moreover how many countless times has SE beaten nokia before.eg k750 vs n90or n70

  • yogan

hey guys ,, im using K850i,, its not bad,, i flashed it,, change the camera driver,, and its fuc*king rock man,, its the prefect cyber-shot

  • Anonymous

Samsung G600 shouldn't be on a second place because it oversharpens image and makes staircase effect which looks really bad.