5G iPhone just “days away” BT CEO says, rumor points to October 13

Michail, 23 September 2020

We know the iPhone 12 launch event will take place soon but details on the actual date were sparse. In a recent BT (British Telecom) internal video keynote, CEO Marc Allera revealed the iPhone 12 launch is just “days away” which coincides with the rumored October launch. The latest speculations suggest Tuesday, October 13 as the actual iPhone 12 launch event date though it was not explicitly confirmed during the presentation.

We are just days away from Apple's next major launch, a 5G iPhone, which will be a huge boost for 5G. Teams in all parts of Consumer have been preparing all year to win this launch, and be Europe's number one partner for Apple. - Marc Allera (BT Consumer CEO)

Eddy Cue - Apple’s SVP of Internet Software and Services made a brief cameo during the BT video congratulating BT’s subsidiary EE for being the first mobile provider in the world to bring bundled Apple services with its phone plans. Apple usually announces its latest iPhone models in September followed by first sales later in the month or early October.

Eddy Cue (left) and Marc Allera (right) during the internal BT presentation
Eddy Cue (left) and Marc Allera (right) during the internal BT presentation

Given the challenging year, the iPhone 12 launch event was expected to be pushed back by at least a month and pre-orders will likely commence on October 16. The most recent rumors suggest four new iPhones with a base 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini alongside two 6.1-inchers (12 Max and 12 Pro) as well as a larger 6.7-inch Pro Max model.

5G iPhone just “days away” claims CEO of BT Consumer

All are expected to support 5G connectivity, pack OLED displays and a new flat-frame design. It remains to be seen if all models will launch simultaneously or if Apple will take a staged approach.



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