96% of Galaxy Note7 units returned, airlines drop passenger warnings

Vince, 11 January 2017

Samsung has announced that 96% of the Galaxy Note7 smartphones are now returned by customers. As a result, the U.S. Department of Transportation has decided to remove the requirement for airlines to make pre-boarding notifications for potentially unreturned Note7 units.

TFor the last several months Samsung has done everything within its power to collect the Galaxy Note7 units from their buyers. The company has even disabled the smartphone from charging in order to indulge owners to return it.

Together with our wireless carriers, we have taken aggressive action to limit the remaining phones’ ability to work as mobile devices, further enhancing participation in the recall.

The results from Samsung's investigation over what caused the Note7 to catch fire is to be outed some time this month.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

011217 still using my note7. Never had a problem with it. Running 7.0 no need to root the device. I'm able to make phone calls or text messages. Battery charging 100%.by far best phone ever. I also have an iPhone 7 plus, note 5,galaxy s7 edge, pixel ...

  • Anonymous

It's not brick.

  • Anonymous

Those happened decades ago. Nowadays, the pilots are trained accordingly.