Samsung Galaxy A8s is certified by FCC, screenshot reveals the camera position

Samsung Galaxy A8s is expected to be the first phone by the Korean manufacturer with an Infinity-O display that has a cutout in the upper left corner for the selfie camera. After plenty of speculations, leaks and fan renders, the device was certified officially by the FCC under the name SM-G8870.

The listing included a screenshot that revealed the upper left corner is empty from notifications - they moved slightly to the centre.

Samsung Galaxy A8s screenshot

The Samsung Galaxy A8s is also expected to have a taller screen than the Infinity Display, used in plenty of smartphones - from flagships as the Galaxy S9 to midrangers as the Galaxy A6. This time the ratio is 19.5:9, instead of 18.5:9, according to the screenshot resolution.

The Galaxy A8s is expected to arrive in China, but is seen as a device that is just testing the waters, before putting flagship hardware in the same body and launching the new phone as Galaxy S10 on the global scene.

Source | Via (in Dutch)

Reader comments

  • someone

lol .... Why would i be jealous of some stupid company ???? ... hehehehe

  • someone

lol .. it is not 19:2 display to feel like tv remote !!! .. have u ever held a tv remote in hand ??? The latest iphones are still too wide for most of the people. The S9, S9+, note 9 are better fitting in hands than iphones ... Go home kid .. le...

  • Ioannis

And the phone gets taller but also narrower resembling a tv control thus making it less functional and ergonomical like the new iphones.