RED Hydrogen One

RED Hydrogen One

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  • Amir
  • PVt
  • 19 Aug 2022

I have issue with wifi when i connect with wifi router about 50 meter away my wifi disconect automatically any have solution

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    • sepulchre
    • Fv1
    • 26 Jul 2022

    Interestingly I noticed this phone was used extensively in Don't Look Up, both being used by Dr. Mindy and advertised prominently by BASH as the unveiling of their emotion/body/thought detecting/predicting phone.

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      • Yogi
      • 4MF
      • 24 Jun 2021

      this phones camera is amazing, people who want 4k hd zoom @10x dont understand how great the detail is with the 4V camera in its entirety. spectacular wildlife shots ive only seen in paintings, i can show off from my phone.

        Kandi Klover, 31 May 2021How is the video quality on it? I find them really cheap re... moreThe camera is considered very poor on this phone. I'd steer away and aim for an S10 or even S9 for cheap refurbished.

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          • Kandi Klover
          • 8fI
          • 31 May 2021

          G, 12 Feb 2021Phone was working fine. Went to the kitchen for a few minut... moreHow is the video quality on it? I find them really cheap refurbished now and would like to buy for railfan videos.

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            • Tech favorite
            • 61q
            • 12 May 2021

            G, 12 Feb 2021Phone was working fine. Went to the kitchen for a few minut... moreDo u still have it on u? Try taking it to a 3rd party repair place cuz obviously hydrogen doesnt have a repair place, i think its a dead battery must have short circuited that is common on this phone.

              G, 12 Feb 2021Phone was working fine. Went to the kitchen for a few minut... more"The back of the phone is bulging out".

              That explains it all.

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                • G
                • I4G
                • 12 Feb 2021

                Phone was working fine. Went to the kitchen for a few minutes. Came back and it was dead. Would not boot up. Would not charge. The back of the phone is bulging out. Always cased and never dropped except one time on carpeting. It is a paperweight now. Stay the hell away from this trash.

                  Who could have thought that this phone would inspire Sony to create the Xperia Pro.

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                    • Sham
                    • U@E
                    • 30 Jan 2021

                    The bust of the year 2018 goes to.... RED Hydrogen One!

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                      • Huehuehue
                      • 7yp
                      • 05 Nov 2020

                      But remember, it has a headphone jack!!1!!1!1!1

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                        • Anonymous
                        • kRj
                        • 23 Apr 2020

                        I have taken great pics and the video camera is great for editing (definitely not a point and shoot camera like a lot of camera phones out there). But... I have had this phone since release and everything but the camera is total junk and a waste of time.
                        1) The phone itself was and has been unreliable in connections even with good service.
                        2) The speaker phone is worthless since nobody can ever hear me. The receiver on the phone cannot be held on the shoulder while multi-tasking in the kitchen or on the PC because my face will cover the holes and I can't be heard.

                        3) The bluetooth will DC the call when swapped from one device to another (ear buds to vehicle for instance). Recently the bluetooth has been going out on the phone to where it will not connect with my vehicle at all (I have a 2019 Lexus).

                        4) The thumbprint bio-sensor went out about 2 months ago and the swipe screen is also on the fritz. So I have to keep my phone unlocked and with me at all times.

                        5) The phone will freeze up towards user input, in other words, nothing will work. I can't shut the phone off, I cant reset it. I can't swipe or tap. I have to wait for the phone battery to die before the phone will reset (plenty of missed calls there).

                        6) Location services don't always work and the SIM card may or may not be recognized even when sent by your carrier as a replacement.

                        7) not memory Card Friendly. I have tried Samsung, SanDIsc and a few off name brands in order to increrase the memory on my phone since I take a lot of photo's and video and Red's Hydrogen one has hated all of them. It will not recognize the card, or will try to boot from the card or will save to the card and not be bale to bring it up.

                        8) H4V files and "Holographic screen" is a horrible gimmik. The file type is not supported in any editor. I have tried both Sony Vegas and the Adobe suite of software and neither will recognize the file type. If you wear glasses, you will have a hard time seeing the effects. It's cool if you want to see things on your phone, but other than that it's a useless feature that should have been dropped for a better device and put into their second gen (never going to happen) phone.

                        I don't care how much or how little this phone is, DO NOT BUY it is a trash device. Even the part that is awesome can't be accessed when the phone freezes up, which is 30% of the time. I have had 2 replacements of this phone through my carrier insurance because it just stopped working and I have had the same problem with all 3 phones.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • m@i
                          • 14 Mar 2020

                          It hasn't received any major Android updates and is stuck on Oreo? Talk about a waste of money...

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                            • Anonymous
                            • I8G
                            • 14 Feb 2020

                            Piece of crap great 3 D effects,that it have had change phone three times for microphone going out. For price it worth it.

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                              • Hydro
                              • ntZ
                              • 03 Dec 2019

                              Ordered one, 399$ now, only for exeptionality....

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                                • TechTalk
                                • Ldy
                                • 28 Oct 2019

                                This needs to be updated. RED discontinued project "Hydrogen".

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                                  • 5T
                                  • nDy
                                  • 25 Oct 2019

                                  It would've been (like it is already) a device for even a smaller niche of people than gaming phones...

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • k0D
                                    • 26 Aug 2019

                                    First, full disclosure, I LOVE 3D!!!
                                    Unfortunately this phone doesn't quite do it for me.
                                    Almost, but not quite.
                                    The problem is this only lets you watch in 3D what is already in 3D.
                                    It doesn't convert regular movies to 3D like the old LG Thrill does.
                                    And while the 3D in the LG Thrill is not the best (slightly noticeble at times), at least it does convert any videos into 3D.
                                    If this phone ever gets around to doing that then I'm in.

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                                      • Camera Enthusiast
                                      • 784
                                      • 23 Jul 2019

                                      Why dont you guys post the camera baselines? This is the most necessary information for stereo cameras.

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                                        • Ammar212
                                        • gIy
                                        • 11 Jun 2019

                                        Heaviest phone in the market, but believe amazing quality for that price.