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  • Koinazz

MasterBlaster, 06 Aug 2020DO NOT BUY UMIDIGI. Yes, I agree. Some thoughts: Umidigi... moreThanks for the statement

  • Addy

Bought the Umidigi A5 pro earlier this year and it came with a lot of issues. First is the earpiece problem. You can't hear what the other person is saying except you put the phone on speaker. Secondly the screen started going blank, and sometimes goes off during use. It's a no no no! For your sanity, don't buy this phone. I was warned and dididn't isten.

  • Nan

I just want to find a way to get in touch with ANYONE from Umidigi.
I want to return my phone and need to know where to send it.
Won't accept texts half the time. Message says "incompatible".No picture messages. Won't even start apps half the time...... Really Aggravated!!!!!
Won't buy from them ever again. Not just because of the technical troubles but because their customer service is non-existent.

  • Chris14738

I have owned this phone for a year and a half and it has been excellent. A great software experience and fast performance. I get 7-8 hours of screen on time a day and it's quick the screen looks good. I'd reccomend this phone even now.

  • Dodgytrainers

Ive owned my F1 for about 3 Months now and i must say im impressed .
As people have mentioned the battery life is amazing im not a power user by any standards
but i do use herewego satnav a lot which is a big drainer and it seems to go on forever (only issue is it lasts so long like 3 days or so i forget it occasionaly needs charging ) camera is ok i had a Galaxy s7 before this F1 and i admit the galaxy had a better camera but the F1 is fine for normal pics I read about some people having battery issues so i only slow charge it overnight Screen is perfectly ok fingerprint sensor can be a bit picky but face unlock works fine games and apps run without problem and it feels nice in my hand
All in all for £150 from Amazon and a sim only contract that costs £10 a month im a happy chicken Cant comment on customer service as i havnt had a problem though i assume it will be non existent from other comments. So i suppose that would be a bit of a gamble. So far for me is all i can say is its as good if not better than phones twice the price Cheap Chinese phones have come a long way and i will say im converted from big brands like samsung and apple forever

  • Anonymous

Jalbert414F1, 29 Jan 2020My phone does not ring when " no disturb" is on. If is turn... moreWhen Do Not Disturb is turned on it is NOT SUPPOSED to ring. On every cellphone I've purchased that is one of the first things I turn on and set it to allow only contacts to ring through. Why? As an over-the-road driver I drove most nights and slept days when telemarketers would call and wake me. I've used Samsung, LG(mostly), htc, Motorola, Nokia and they all have that feature. I set it messages the same way.

  • Anonymous

Do not buy Umidigi cell phones!
Cheating is their business strategy!
I bought Umidigi A5 Pro last August on Aliexpress. It was defective and last only eight month.
In accordance with declared one year guaranree I made warranty claim but they avoided responsibility.
Buying Umidigy cell phone is waste of money.
Communication with Umidigy is waste of time.
I only wonder why Aliexpress provide platform to such cheaters.

tech66, 26 Jun 2020This is about Umidigi and not just the F1. Is the lack of ... moreDO NOT BUY UMIDIGI. Yes, I agree. Some thoughts:

Umidigi phones give a good impression when it comes to tech specs. Sounds so good and price/what you get ratio is rather tempting... I’ve got F2 and this is my first and last Umidigi.

-Software is very buggy. Umi is keen on releasing new phones which are just above beta stage.

-Software updates are even more buggy. It’s truly amazing that Umidigi issues major updates which messes up the phone completely. F2 is a good example. Phone microphone is gone from some users. Same is true with finger print sensor. Umidigi doesn’t care a damn even they just broke your phone. Amazing lack of responsibility!

-I don’t really know, but it seems to be the case that Umi releases one or two messy incomplete updates in order to make consumers feel confident about Umi. After that they focus on new models, same update cycle once again. Good luck!

After the updates mess up the phone completely consumers are simply ignored. You know: Dear Friend… “Factory reset, safe mode…” “Send the phone to China for repair…” “Ask refund from PayPal”. Yes, the usual.

No help. No (working) updates. No warranty. Nothing.

Take a look at community at before hitting the confirm payment button.

Have you thought about this? What happens if the display glass of an UMI device breaks? No spare parts or repair shop available in Europe/US. No help from Umi. You’re on your own.
It’s well worth spending some xtr money for a phone of more respectable manufactures who has actual customer support willing to help, well made frequent updates and fixes, repair service, warranty… available.

Competition is intense – DO NOT BUY Umidigi.

  • Saul

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2019Has anyone found a solution for the ram management/memory l... moreHere's the deal:
To get the most out of your F1 you can either
- flash a GSI
- root the phone and install some mods (dark theme, and "ram fix by cork v4")

Installing that magisk mod or flashing a GSI will solve the ram issue and you'll get Android 10, or at least a dark mode on Android 9.

  • shadowflare99

tech66, 26 Jun 2020This is about Umidigi and not just the F1. Is the lack of ... moreAnd ??

This is about Umidigi and not just the F1.
Is the lack of reviews on this site because the Umidigi phones are one step above Xgody phones?

I have a Umidigi One Pro that I purchased used a few months ago. It's a solid phone, it looks great and it feels as nice as my wife's Nokia 7.2.

What I don't like is that the screen is small and the phone is too slippery to hold without a case (the case is on it's way and should be here by the end of July).
Also it's on Android 8.1. Yes, I have flashed LineageOS and Pixel Experience roms but my banking app will not work on a rooted device which is a deal breaker.

A few weeks ago I purchased an "Open Box" Umidigi Power from the official Umidigi store on eBay. Unfortunately the receiver had some issues and they were kind enough to send me a refurbished Power as a replacement. But the replacement phone's digitizer had an issue. So they offered me another replacement but this time a new A5 Pro.

I used the A5 Pro for about a day and decided to sell it on eBay because it's not as good as the One Pro. The phone was way to slow and graphics were laggy when playing a non-graphics intensive game (Ascension deck building card game).

I have been looking at the Umidigi Power 3 and the Umidigi F2. On paper both phones are amazing but my research has found that both phones also have some issues.

Again are all of the Umidigi phones crap?

Jalbert414F1, 29 Jan 2020My phone does not ring when " no disturb" is on. If is turn... moreIt's not supposed to ring when you have "no disturb" turned on. When it is turned off, then all your notifications and calls will ring and vibrate (if you have vibrate selected). It's doing what it is supposed to be doing, you seem to be thinking about it backwards....if I understand your post correctly.

I really like this phone but before the 1 year warranty period expired the battery in my unit bloated. Umidigi wouldn't do anything and told me to contact the seller (Umigidi Official Store on Aliexpress) who offered me some money but it wasn't enough to even pay for an aftermarket replacement battery, not to mention the money I would have to pay to a shop to install it for me. Also, that was not the only problem I reported to stopped fast charging a few months after I bought it and the screen had a stuck pixel problem from the beginning.

Never buying Umidigi again as their warranty is practically worthless. They don't care once they have your money.

  • Anonymous

Jalbert414F1, 29 Jan 2020My phone does not ring when " no disturb" is on. If is turn... moreIf you go to settings > sounds > do not disturb, you should be able to configure do not disturb to fit your needs.

  • JN

never again a Umidigi phone. They can't even commit to update very recently launched phone, like the F1 from 2019. Not even basic security updates. Umidigi is very close to be named a scam. So disappointed with this costumer-unfriendly firm.

  • claudio

I bought 3 umidigi f2, one for each family member, I pass you my conclusions,
the quad camera is actually a normal camera,
the response speed of the processor (obviously it is a Helio P70) is low,
the screen is clear and of good resolution, the non-existent prioium software,
the side fingerprint reader was a bad decision,
most of the time it doesn't catch the footprint and makes it difficult to get on,
It could be classified as a cell phone with low-end features and reach, promoted as a mid-range,
and with the mid-range price,
The after sales service is more than MALISIMO, the queries do not answer you,
and it is not convenient to order using the aliexpres delivery service,
two of the cell phones took me 3 and a half months to arrive,
and they never answered any questions asking what was happening,
the third cell phone was not sent directly, I got 3 glass protectors,
of 2 dollars, claim the company, and they just don't answer me, and the company ali express,
did not intervene, so I lost the money,
The advice I give to anyone who wants to buy umidigi is to buy another alternative means of communication,
more secure and efficient, as it can be,
drum, smoke signals, or handwritten letter by mail, but for no reason BUY UMIDIGI.
I don't know if I was clear but I try to clarify the point. DO NOT BUY UMIDIGI.

My phone does not ring when " no disturb" is on. If is turned off mobile keeps sounding and vibrating with every notification so is very annoying Any option of just incoming calls sound on and rest of sounds off? Please help
PS My opinion about Umidigi F1 is a heavy phone and camera is not good enough.

  • SteveR

ben7337, 30 Oct 2019What sort of battery percentage are you at after 9 hrs scre... moreThe battery on the F1 lasts longer than any android phone i've ever had. I watch video at least two hours every day (travelling to and from work on the train) and it is still ok after 2 days without re-charging.

  • Black

Please make a review on the latest Umidigi that they release, the Umidigi Power 3 and Umidigi X

  • Lukas____

Anonymous, 01 Jan 2020does anyone in here used UMIDIGI POWER 3 150$ ???? what a... moreUmi F1 looks greate, performance is great too. And the heavely 128gb of memory are so great for people like me. But the camera isn't pretty good. Video recordings are "OK."
But u should not buy this phone. U don't get updates anymore. NO!!
Still android 9, android 10 update not planned. I won't buy a phone from umidigi anymore.