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  • Anonymous

Fragile. It took a drop from 1 metre high, (3.3ft) and screen is cracked, dead pixels in one corner and touch malfunctions like some ghost is pressing the screen.

  • Anonymous

JN, 05 Oct 2019Solid build Ok screen Low price 128 GB storage Less than i... moreYou need to install a driver in windows

  • Smartass

ciciban072, 08 Oct 2019Nothing to do with the phone it is a poorly written app that doe... moreits not the ram, its the app itself. Sometimes my chrome app doea that. It is annoying but ita definitely not the ram.

psprog, 26 Aug 2019No, I never got to the bottom of the RAM issue. It drove me m... moreNothing to do with the phone it is a poorly written app that does that and does not remember it's state. Try the same on a proper site like eBay, Amazon or PayPal and you'll see the difference.

  • JN

Solid build
Ok screen
Low price
128 GB storage

Less than ideal implementation of android
terrible fingerscanner
terrible OTA update (the latest one doesn't install)
(Really) terrible camera
Cant connect to Windows pc

  • Anonymous

This is quite an amazing phone for the price. The battery life is epic, nice display, pretty fast, etc. The fingerprint scanner is terrible.

  • Joey

ijcy, 14 Aug 2019Works for me here in Canada.I heard that you also need a NFC capable SIM if your service provider uses it.

  • Davo39

Overall I think it's a good phone , only thing is the fingerprint scanner is hopeless

  • psprog

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2019Has anyone found a solution for the ram management/memory leak issue?No, I never got to the bottom of the RAM issue.

It drove me mad today - was on Firefox filling out a form, which asked me for some credentials that I had to check on the Outlook app. Having done that, switching back to Firefox and everything was reset. I had to enter all the information on the form again!

This shouldn't happen on a 6GB phone. Ever.

  • Chibykec®

zerosava, 17 Aug 2019Right now has the F1 play model for $199USD after app... moreF1 play has 6gb/64gb while F1 is 4gb/128gb.

  • Anonymous

Has anyone found a solution for the ram management/memory leak issue?

techno12, 01 Jul 2019Nice specs, but, along with the F1, has the terrible memory mana... moreRegarding the idle apps being killed I noticed the same but thought is some kind of feature I.e. overly aggressive memory management. I hope they fix this in the next update. Is this a known issue, something that has been reported somewhere already to make umidigi aware of it?

For those wandering about the wifi speed my f1 is connected to my 5ghz wifi network and reporting 433Mbit/s link speed atm.

  • Anonymous

Agreed on Amazon. I've been ripped off on Aliexpress a couple other times, but never Amazon. Their reputation for customer service blows away Aliexpress. I purchased the F1 on Amazon back in February and it still works perfectly. Great device and amazingly long battery life

Guys, quick note here: I don't work for Amazon :) I just rarely shop anywhere else because of the prices and the customer service.

Poruchik, 14 Jun 2019Got a F1 Play. Garbage phone, garbage company. weak sound, terri... moreMan, that sucks. I'm sorry you got took AliExpress. They are the worst. I have no idea how word hasn't spread about how terrible they are. If you were excited about the phone you thought you were getting, try ordering it from Amazon. If for some reason the phone isn't to your liking, Amazon will happily take it back and refund your full purchase price. Amazon's whole business model is customer service first, customer service second, customer service third, etc.

Right now has the F1 play model for $199USD after applying a $20 on page coupon. This model is only 64gb instead of 128, but it has 6gb ram instead of 4. Well worth the trade considering you can stick a 256gb micro SD card in it. I've also heard that the phone will accept a 400gb card just fine.

Tarvos, 04 Jul 2019The "My Device" app reports a remarkable number of sensors in th... moreI want to thank whoever confirmed dual band Wi-Fi on here. I have already ordered the phone and was prepared to just do without 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi. I am so glad I will not have to 😃

  • Lol

ciciban072, 14 Aug 2019Forgot to mention the call quality is great on both sides of the... moreThanks

  • ijcy

Fergie, 03 Jul 2019Hi does anyone have problems with Google pay. The NFC works ok w... moreWorks for me here in Canada.