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Anonymous, 27 May 2019Please show me a Xioami with similar specs at a comparable price... moreNo doubt. I was seriously considering a Xiomi Redmi Note 7. Then I noticed there was no 700 LTE band on the global model. Using AT&T (cricket) that is a no go. I don't necessarily need 700 where I live, but would if I traveled. Sorry Xiaomi but you need LTE 700 to sell in the US as that is a HUGE LTE band for AT&T one of the 2 largest GSM carriers in the US.

nick, 24 Jan 2019Can anyone tell us about the sar value of this phone ? Is there ... moreThe F1's 179-page FCC SAR Report is included in a zip file on the Umidigi downloads page, in the Product Certifications section...

You can also download the F1 User Manual from that downloads page, as well as system software ROM files and the flash tool.

Umidigi's official Facebook page provides contact info, including a phone number...

They're also on Twitter...

The "My Device" app reports a remarkable number of sensors in the F1: Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Orientation, Gyroscope, Light, Proximity, Gravity, LinearAccel, Rotation_Vector, Uncali_Mag, Game_Rotation_Vector, Uncali_Gyro, Significant_Motion, Step_Detector, Step_Counter, Geomagnetic_Rotation_Vector, Tilt_Detector, Wake_Gesture, Glance_Gesture, Device_Orientation, Stationary_Detect, Motion_Detect, Uncali_Acc, In_Pocket, Flat, Gyro_Temperature, and Step_Detector_WakeUp.

Note that the F1 does have an FM Radio, supports dual-band 802.11ac wifi (even for its Hotspot), and Wi-Fi Calling.

The microSD card occupies the SIM1 slot, leaving the SIM2 slot available for your nano-SIM.

Veiran, 14 Feb 2019Kind of weird, but I noticed this phone doesn't have Wifi 802.11... moreThe Umidigi F1 supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wi-fi (802.11ac), and can also provide a dual-band Hotspot.

  • Fergie

Hi does anyone have problems with Google pay. The NFC works ok with my headphones.
All the NFC seting for Google pay are on, but it doesn't work when trying to pay with Google pay.

  • techno12

Nice specs, but, along with the F1, has the terrible memory management bug that renders it almost unusable.

Despite what some people say we all have this issue and they've never addressed it. Some folk may not notice not but it's driving me mad!

The issue is that there's a memory leak that results in apps in the background being killed prematurely, even though there's several GB free. So when you go to recents (the scrolling page with screenshots of all your running apps) and tap on one, instead of it instantly resuming from RAM it'll reload from scratch.

Means that it's useless having 4GB or 6GB as the phone behaves as if it has 2GB or less (chucking apps out of memory as it thinks it doesn't have enough). A reboot briefly fixes it but it's back once you open and switch between apps a few times.

The battery life is amazing however, I regularly get 4 days or more, and I've never been able to drain the battery fully in a day with 9+ hours screen on time and heavy use.

  • Sq2013

Big mike, 23 Jun 2019It’s good looking phone . Bad reception with T-Mobile. Droppin... moreThat's nothing to do with the phone. That's your network. I have the same phone and have not had one dropped call. Only have it five days. Had six or seven calls and it's perfect. Call up your provider.

  • Big mike

It’s good looking phone .
Bad reception with T-Mobile. Dropping call 2 out of 10 calls.
Camera seems below average. Customer service non exist .no any updates to fix problem.
NOT Recommended.

  • TheMan

Tzar, 17 May 2019Does this phone have a feature where you can block unknown calls?Your question is "Does Android 9 have a feature to block unknown numbers?"

I dunno but probably!

  • Anonymous

I got this phone on a Monday. The battery was already at 95%. I still had not charged it on Saturday afternoon. Reception is not quite as good as my wifes LG V35. But at $169 on Amazon it is absolutely the best value I have ever had in a cell phone. I have Cricket wireless in the USA which it works fine with. My rating is 5 stars!

  • Kiwi

Bought this phone through GearBest. I'm finding that apps (including the settings) keep "stopping" and the phone just shuts down whenever it likes. Thinking this is a fault with this phone only? Had an Umi Super prior and it is much better that this poc.

  • KCS

jakkub6, 11 Jun 2019I bought an F1 Play. The battery life is great. I get good conne... moreI use my F1 play with T-Mobile. I think Metro PCS may use T-Mobile towers. T-Mobile gives me service in Taiwan, Spain, and I am sure many other countries. I love my F1 play so far. I have used it in Taiwan, Spain, and the US with no problems. The internet is faster than my old phone. The battery lasts about two days which is good for today's smart phones. Apps open quickly and updates and installs are quick and easy. Much better than my old phone.

  • Poruchik

Got a F1 Play. Garbage phone, garbage company. weak sound, terrible battery drain. The phone died in 3 weeks, useless piece of plastic I spent $300 CAD on. There is no help from the company, no answer from the seller (Official Umidigi Store on AliExpress). Stay away from these crooks they are out there only to make a quick buck and dont give a toss about troubles they are getting you into. Go spend your money on something more trustworthy and do not endorse those scammers.

  • theycallmechad

jakkub6, 11 Jun 2019I bought an F1 Play. The battery life is great. I get good conne... moreStraight Talk (ATT Sim) works, but you have to modify the APN settings. Once it is changed, it works like a charm.

  • jakkub6

I bought an F1 Play. The battery life is great. I get good connection to the internet. However, I have only been able to find one carrier that supports the phone - Metro PCS - in the U.S. Is there anyone else in the U.S. that is able to use the Umidigi on a major carrier?

  • Alfiesaurus

The battery life on this phone was amazing could go at least 2 days from moderate use. However the wifi leaves much to be desired. Quite a few times I would turn the wifi off and use data because the wifi was so slow!

  • Bt.leo

At first i was hesitating to buy the phone, i wanted an oppo but this phone have a great SOC, RAM, ROM, decent camera, fast charging, for only 200$.
Its working fine, 24h oh usage, 10h heavy usage, with normal usage i think 2days.
That 5150 is a beast, and i only knew about f1 play after i bought mine, so if you find an f1 play buy it, if not even this one is rocking.
It's worth its value, don't forget that its a 200$ phone.

Sq, 01 Jun 2019Those models don't have pie with no bloatware, they have no sd c... moreI am not sure.
But A2 and A2 lite have clean pure android no bloatware thats a win win for me.

  • Sq

CptPower, 29 May 2019A2 lte or A2 by xiaomi just for example, Those models don't have pie with no bloatware, they have no sd card slot, they don't have NFC, they don't have as big a battery. In fact, the mi A2; has a 3000mah which is is less than 3/5 of the capacity of the umidigi F1. The F1 has a 6.3" screen with smaller bezels and the mi A2 is only 5.99". The Helio P60 has shown that it's on a par with the sd660 in extensive testing. The umidigi has a headphone jack and that is a big deal for most people. The mi A2 doesn't. I think that the umidigi F1 is a much better package. Their scores on antutu are identical 134,000. Umidigi F1 wins hands down in features and price.

Anonymous, 27 May 2019Please show me a Xioami with similar specs at a comparable price... moreA2 lte or A2 by xiaomi just for example,