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Umidigi One Max

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  • nan

has anyone have issues with the phone not connecting to apps?
it just goes black for a few seconds and then goes back to my home screen?
I can't get to customer service either. it always goes to a "review" site.
has anyone had success getting in touch with customer service?

  • Umidigi

Umidigi unveiled a new Device.

  • Anonymous

Why is There no umidigi power 3

  • Saltoftheearth

Nice features, dangerous cheap battery swelled until it broke the case of phone open and this was inside of one year. It has been a week of talking to them and still no resolve

  • Anonymous

Stay away from Umidigi. Great features, but non-existent QC. Out of 4 units, 1 had the main camera experience temporary myopia (could only focus on close objects) which later corrected itself, 1 shipped with a line of malfunctioning pixels from top to bottom, 1 with very low headset volume, and all 4 units with low right/headset volume in "stereo" (not) mode. Seems like a fundamental design flaw where the bottom/left speaker is much louder than the headset/right speaker.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2019Can anyone confirm that this has wireless charging and the ... moreYes qi and card slot

  • Shabeeb

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2019Can anyone confirm that this has wireless charging and the ... moreYes
There is wireless charger and dedivated memory card slot

  • Anonymous

Can anyone confirm that this has wireless charging and the Sd card slot is dedicated?

  • Joe

Brian, 20 Sep 2019I am using a Umidigi One Pro. There are pro's and cons w/ ... moreI have had zero issues with my unit.. I have not had any apps freez or shut down.. I have used the Ubeats, Upods on my unit and have had issues with connectivity between the hand set or Bluetooth units. Other then that I have had no problems.

  • Brian

I am using a Umidigi One Pro. There are pro's and cons w/ my unit. But I would like to ask if some of you guys encounter apps automatically closes? This has been happening to me very often. This problem really makes me regret buying this phone. Anyone, please... Thank you

  • Dmo

Good device for price

  • Xanthosis

Tbh... the phone is very heavy and the camera is terribly bad. The battery lasts, apps perform okay and does not freeze.

Nice try from Umi. Bluetooth issues can be resolved with BT app. For a phone you really will like from Umi, you need to jump up to at least the Power.

  • Gerry

Dleep54, 10 Feb 2019My biggest gripe about this phone is Bluetooth connectivity... moreI've had the exact same issue with my phone and car. Bluetooth continuously connects and disconnects every few seconds. Yet, my phone stays connected just fine with my WearOS watch.

still wish the screen aspect ratio would be 16:9/10 not this "tall generation" 19:9.

This, is how it would look like for my personal take on bezel-less phone, aesthetically.

  • soulgem

I just wanted to say that, even though this list says that the Umidigi One Max does not have FM radio, I wanted to clarify that it does. At least my phone does. I tested with earphones and they do act as an antenna. I can pickup FM radio about as well with an actual radio, so I am convinced. I have had this phone for only about 1 day, but it is so far the best phone I have ever had to date. With features such as NFC, Dual band WiFi, Stereo speakers, and two rear cameras, it's by far my most prized phone that I own.
Also, not sure if this makes any difference, but mine is the US version.

  • Dan

China Mobile N3 at about $100

5.93" 1080p
Snapdragon 625, 4+64GB
3400mAh with QC3.0
ac WiFi
Glass back, NFC

hy,i love the phone but cant find some amazing features and its killing my interest.
1. when setting up finger print one can see , can unlock apps but its not possible,y?
2. notifination light,when i saw the phone online ,i read among othr things that it has notification led but no or does it has setting
3.heating when charging,phone heats when charging and when u make call for long time(15 minutes upwards)
4. google search bar on the desktop cant be emoved ,y? covers my wallpaper

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Umidigi is not listed on the site but if you search you can find it? O3O