Possible next-gen Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablets spotted on Zauba

Himanshu, 01 February, 2016

Two new tablets from Samsung have been spotted listed on Zauba, a website which tracks India's import and export. The listings for these devices reveal that they carry model numbers of SM-T719 and SM-T813, respectively.

Another crucial information that the listings reveal is the display sizes. While the SM-T719 sports an 8-inch screen, the SM-T813 has a 9.7 inch display.

Given that the Galaxy Tab S2 series from last year has 8-inch and 9.7-inch variants (with model numbers SM-T710/SM-T715 and SM-T810/ SM-T815), these new devices could very well be the next generation tablets in the series.

Aside from the specs, the Zauba listings also gives an idea about the price tag the new tablets will carry - the SM-T719 is listed at INR 13,817 (around $215), while the SM-T813 is priced at INR 17,271 (around $255). Keep in mind, however, that pricing information on Zauba is not always precise.

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Reader comments

  • archery
  • 05 Feb 2016
  • Y}X

As I expected,the spec is dual sim,4 G LTE,FDD ,4G/32G,5mm slim ,1.9 F, 16:10 8.0" display,pink,250g,metal,4K,s-pen,talk,8000A battery,IOS camera with SONY 2300MP ,30000 iso,CMOS ,Asus competable price,beat sound,android 6.0,Lecia 40x optical lens

  • AnonD-463876
  • 03 Feb 2016
  • Q}4

"If you're a kid or an elderly woman, they're [iPad] great I guess," LOL good one.

  • Anonymous
  • 02 Feb 2016
  • g09

The 8" Galaxy S2 Tablet is a beautiful device, but if they don't put stereo front facing speakers in the new version it's just pointless. I mean, this is a media device. The sound on the Sony and Asus tablets with stereo front facing speakers is leag...

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