A mystery Huawei phone pictured

Ivan, 06 July 2020

An as-of-yet unannounced Honor or Huawei smartphone has been leaked by a reputable source on Weibo. The source has shared an image of the device along with some laconic commentary about it.

The image shows a quad camera with a main 48MP snapper. According to the source this is an upper midrange to high-end smartphone, powered by a current Kirin chipset.

A mystery Honor or Huawei phone leaked

The leakster suggests that the device is the Honor Magic 3, because the image of the device was taken with an Honor Magic 2. We haven't heard anything regarding an Honor Magic 3, which casts some doubt over that.

Honor recently launched the X10 Max and Honor 30 Lite in China, both with 48MP main cameras. However both have a different design of their camera modules.

We'll keep you posted for any new details about this mystery device.

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Reader comments

  • Kevin

How they r going to die? Even without.GMS they still.manage to beat Samsung and take top spot in phone manufacture

  • Kevin

Lost google mobile services doesnt prove that the phone is useless the entire world except Americans who's desperately need GMS obviously they wil think it's useless but in China or others country GMs isn't mandatory. And Huawei still...

i dont think u used emui 10 nor do i think u realised they werent able to put out news phone with gms hence they rebranded older models and put them out and realsed devices with out gms in china or certain areas around the world not using gms and als...

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