A Xiaomi store set to open in Romania in February [Updated]

31 January 2018

Update: turns out this is not an official store.

Xiaomi is expanding its European presence eastward Ė a Xiaomi store will open in Romania in less than two weeks, following Spain and (more recently) Italy. The announcement was made on Facebook and a site is already up Ė though itís not hosted at Mi.com. Thereís not much to see there besides a countdown clock.

The store will open in 11 days from now. Itís located in Sibiu, which is close to the center of the country, around 275km (171mi) from Bucharest. It will be on Tribunei st. specifically, though most people will likely use the online store.

What that store will house is TBD, though the video on the storeís Facebook page offers hints: phones (including the Redmi 5 Plus, accessories, the Mi Box, a smart speaker and more of Xiaomiís extensive offerings.

Source | Via (in Romanian)