Acer beTouch E210

Acer beTouch E210

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256MB RAM too little for 2018

Typical 2011 phone.

  • Anand.s

how do i open my homepage without touch in my acer E210 phone? and computer how to open is not opening please

  • Antonella

I bought this phone five years ago. I dropped it a bunch of times but still works. The only problem is the touchscreen. It doesn't work so well anymore starting this year.

btw, thumbs-up! I love it!

  • sandeep

acer e21 hands on with keyboard

  • Anonymous

Please lunch same mobile with Dual Sim option.

  • Aseem

Thanks to all

  • Anonymous

sad phone!, 08 Jun 2013Don't buy one, don't even accept a free one. Internal memor... moreIts gud

  • Anonymous

how do i open my homepage without touch in my acer E210 phone?

  • sad phone!

sri , 28 Aug 2012I have used this phone since past 6 months and the trouble ... moreDon't buy one, don't even accept a free one. Internal memory? We can't really complain about something I don't have can I. All problems noted here also my eperience, can't wait to ditch it.

  • sameer

typing errors. while typing automatically changes screen. requires factory settings again again. slow operation.

  • Rhys

I can't connect to wifi...... This phone can't scan a wifi network connection ...
What could be the problem... We have a wifi at home.

  • Anonymous

screen touch dont function well..

  • chrissie

had my phone for 12 months, mem full problems, thort was fixed, but now 6 months later still having problems. Feel like I need a nw phone. Doesn't matter what I delete, still same probs

  • Anonymous

i like this phone
internet is fast
but internal memory is very low

  • Nick

Mine is the worse! just got 2 months of good working but then problems staRts, at first i thought was jst signal problem but was the phone signal, second, messages pops "memory full" even when I deleted all apps and messages, and lastly....can't use anymore 'cause it's keeps on hanging and lately can't b opened. advice..don't be fooled! don't buy this mobile unit E210!

  • tinu

REBEL, 05 Jan 2013ya it can update to2.3.6 How did u do it? I tried superone click but dint work. can u help?


ya it can update to2.3.6

  • tienthinh

can i upgrade android 2.3.6 for this phone?


i like acer betouch e210