Acer CloudMobile S500

Acer CloudMobile S500

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  • Flying_brick

In have been using huis phone for quote soms time nog, in bought it just when it dissappeared from the market and got unother phone just now. The problemen with this phone is that the ram is full when you the slightest thing on it. And dare to install messenger and you can forget it, continiously freezing or lagging or just dont starting up the apps you want to. But when you start up and you have (almost) empty ram, you can run some suprisingly large apps, like wot blitz, but not very long because the battery isnt up to the job and gets hot very quickly. Also at low battery i have found the phone to run significantly slower. That probablt is because the most beautiful screen i have ever seen, with a ridiculous amount of pixel density. Even though the occasional hiccup, i still loved this phone just because the screen looks astonishing.

  • AnonD-374695

I've got this phone since december 2012 and I'm not planning to switch it with another anytime soon (and we are already in mid march 2015 ) simply because it is great. Does his job flawlesly, still has solid good mid range specifications ( 3 years now after it was announced ) and also had a very attractive price tag. Not to mention his great design.
Imo it is one of the best smartphones ever in terms of specifications/price.

  • Anonymous

It's a really good phone,I used it 2 years and it worked beautiful but the small capacity battery was annoying.

  • AnonD-347926

DannyK, 22 Nov 2014So, very happy user for nearly 2 years now - but it's time ... moreI'm in the same case as you... I need to change this phone, but i've been using it for 2 years and i never encountered any problem with it ! (or yes, maybe one, the battery life was drastically short... Too bad :/)
So I think the next one will be a G2 mini, which has approximately the same spec (moreover, the same dismensions, which is pretty rare in nowadays..).
What do you think of this one ? Did you find yours ?

  • loreen

It'a very nice phone, the design is very stylish, looks both modern and serious. Have had it for 2 years and no serious problems. After 2 years the silver paint from the bottom started to peel off, but I haven't been really careful with it :) Now looking for something more performant.

  • DannyK

So, very happy user for nearly 2 years now - but it's time for an upgrade.

Question is : what to buy next ? The S500 is a great size, I don't really want to go over 5" screen size, would like a >8MP camera and want something that feels like a phone and looks good - i.e. premium build quality and design.

Handled a Galaxy Alpha in store today, looks fantastic but feels like a childs toy. Z3 compact is better from a build quality perspective but I don't like the design.

Ideas ? The choice seems to be so bad that I'm even thinking Lumia at this point :-P

  • d.

used it for 2 years; very satisfied!!

  • ltaa

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2014great until you use it for 6 months, then the charger port ... morehave you ever heard of cache files (or temporary files)? download clean master, then clean cache files.

  • AnonD-165385

My couple has it.


battery life

The rest is as usual.Remove the useless acer apps anyway.

  • d

used for a year, still satisfied

  • Anonymous

great until you use it for 6 months, then the charger port breaks, it wont charge, wont hold charge, slows to a near halt and runs out of memory filled by mysterious unknown and invisible things that take up space and memory but dont exist. i have no memory and nothing on my phone, ive deleted photos, music, messages and no more memory on my phone. how do i sum up the s500 in one word, pathetic.

  • Neca

cristimarius, 30 May 2014never buy this phone. i have changed 3 acer s500's in 1 ye... moreI want this phone, do you maybe know where I can buy it?

  • cristimarius

never buy this phone. i have changed 3 acer s500's in 1 year. all 3 times was the screen... white pixels, half screen dead, white pixels again !!!!

  • Anonymous

Great phone. Could have done with a stronger battery though, as it seems to consume a lot of energy.

  • AnonD-165385

Amazing cpu-price ratio, great screen, low-average camera,well cooked android 4.1

  • radu

Best smartphone, price/performance!

  • cris scrob

Nota 10

  • assy

Johny, 11 Nov 2013One of the worst phones I have ever seen! Despite it's char... moreBet you have a snob(i)phone

  • jeff

very nice graphics than samsung!

  • Anonymous

Best phone ! Very smart, very nice,but low battery capacity,