Acer Iconia Talk S

Acer Iconia Talk S

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12Helmi, 19 Nov 2020GET one freeOkay how do i get it?

  • 12Helmi

GET one free

  • Anonymous

is this still available??

  • PalmIsBack

Nurana, 04 Dec 2018Wait .. is it a phablet or tab??It's a tab.

Catherine the Great, 12 Nov 2018You can phone call and SMS on this tablet? Please no... :(Yes, you can. It would be pretty embarrasing to use this tablet for those purposes, though.

  • Nurana

Wait .. is it a phablet or tab??

Too unbearably big.

You can phone call and SMS on this tablet? Please no... :(

  • AdamBoy64

Nice big screen.

  • Anonymous

Cg, 15 Dec 2016The internal is only 16gb and the free available space is o... moreThis is true only 9gb available for users

  • Leo

Wtf . It is ok , but way too big

  • revenge

SweeT, 14 May 2017Disappointed...slow, bad cameras, bad software, bad speaker... morethat's what you paid for, that's what your money deserve, what more do you expect to some kind of cheap devices???? a brilliant specs.? how could you! if I'll be the maker of this tablet and someone ask me to give such high specifications and expectations, I'll be asking you to pay double! that's why you need to think before you do something you're uncertain ! fact hurts!

  • Anonymous

not being funny but this phone sucks so badly

  • cloy

Im so dissappointed on this tab. Low battery life. Speakers are bad camera sucks. My main problem is the charging. I brought it 3 times in tje service center. Its wasting so much time. DONT BUY THIS.

  • SweeT

Disappointed...slow, bad cameras, bad software, bad speaker. I gave it away and bought a big Samsung Tablet for my girlfriend. Twice as expensive but a hundred times better. Don't buy this crap, even if it is cheap, you only get what you pay for !

  • Anonymous

AnonD-74959, 02 Apr 2017I'm not sure if anyone ever mentioned that it also connects... moreIt connects to 5GHz because it is Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, if it is Wi-Fi 802.11 a or ac it has to be 5GHz compatible

  • AnonD-74959

I'm not sure if anyone ever mentioned that it also connects to a 5GHz Wi-Fi signal. Regarding the speakers, on the contrary to some reviews, it's good. What I didn't like is the cellphone signal (too low) and the battery life (too short) of which the Wi-Fi signal is most of the time the culprit of losing juice too fast.

  • mike d

For $120 it is a great value... I mainly use it to do full blown MS word and Excel.
Need to use head phones w a mic to use the phone because the volume is to low for me.
For all the Con's .. I would still buy it since a comparable Samsung is 6x the cost.

  • AnonD-654216

Got this tablet a couple of days ago. Honest reviews are follows
1. Poor quality camera on front. (DIM)
2. Main camera at 13Mp is not sharp enough
3. Delay response on camera (Lagging sometimes)
4. The home button at middle (lower portion) is not returning to home
5. Battery life is sucks
6. It hangs
7. Speaker at the back is weak. (Sounds like talking ants)
Thank you

  • ProfEd

Maybe those negative remarks are the reasons why GSMArena didn't waste its effort and time in doing a review on this phablet !

Is the Acer Iconia line moving forward or backward ?