Acer Liquid Jade 2

Acer Liquid Jade 2

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  • blabla

Why is this not available in Belgium

  • Anonymous

india launches date

  • AnonD-680065

why was the battery features is not indicated in the specificatons?

  • AnonD-563126

Is this a Same hardware in liquids jade primo?

  • Anonymous

Why can't I buy this phone anywhere over one year after release?

  • AnonD-634675

Acer Liquid Jade 2 specs, features

Display: 5.5-inch 1080p FHD display
Chipset: Snapdragon 808 chip
Graphics: Adreno 418 GPU
Memory: 32GB of internal storage, microSD card slot
Main camera: 21MP rear shooter
Video: 4K UHD video recorder
Front camera: 8MP selfie shooter
Connectivity: LTE Cat.9, WiFi ac, BT 4.1, GPS,
OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Ports and charging: microUSB 2.0/3.0, Quick Charge 2.0/3.0
Battery capacity: expected to be around 2800mAh battery

  • Anonymous

AnonD-234645, 22 Dec 2016since it uses the snapdragon 808. does it have bootloop pro... moreNo it won't bootloop like the G4. The problem with G4 is on hardware failure with loose contacts on its motherboard and a component thus resulting bootloop.

  • AnonD-234645

since it uses the snapdragon 808. does it have bootloop problems like the LG G4?

  • Anonymous

Please mention battery capacity

  • ACER E700-Owner

I'm also very interested, because need LTE: still waiting since ? weeks for this phone. But not forever ...

  • Beelzebub

Given the fact and assume that the battery might be near to 300mAh or lower how about Quickcharge? the device looks spot on and I've already been through the store but the device is still not in sale. Bummer. Even the sales staff of Acer doesn't know anything about this phone.

  • Ruby

what about the battery power

  • ryo

October 2016.... still could not find it anywhere.

I really want this phone. Proud owner of Acer Z500, E700 and X2.

I want snapdragon in my acer phone.

  • Loko

What is so damn wrong with this model? Waiting so very long. Week after week and month after month but it is very disappointed with acer marketing strategy. I'm proud and satisfied owner of previous 3 acer phones, liquid e3, liquid 700 and liquid x2 but waiting this model make me so very frustrate with acer. Kudos acer for keep your loyal customer switch to other brand!!!

  • ryo

September, and still can't find it anywhere in the whole world :(

  • AnonD-568374

It'become august, but this phone still dosn't sell. Well done, well done.

  • ravi r

battry should be 3000mah

  • Anonymous

Is this available in Canada

  • Omid46

My dearest....I have a question from Acer of unknown from made!!!?Why all Acer production almost carry LIQUID names with them!?I think 21 century dictionaries have more beautiful names in them!!Liquid mostly evaporates into vapor and gas but beautiful names become more and the most everlasting beauties!!!Doesn't Acer think so too'!!!?What about Nice One,Two,Three,4 etc.Dream 1,2,3,4,etc!!!?Aren't they more plausible and unforgettables!!!?Dearest Asus I know 4 languages and understand 9,if you need more technical electronic suggestions free of charge if you desire!!Thanks gsmArena for releasing constructive suggestions sharings knowledge!!Any hopes of listening Acer and fundamental changes!!!?Hopefully!!!Justice Rights.Omid12omidvar.Only Hope....

  • sdu

where start selling in Malaysia..?? who can answers me assp