Acer Liquid X1

Acer Liquid X1

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  • AnonD-733803
  • D9X
  • 28 Jan 2018

please im looking for a screen for acer liquid x1 model s53.. where can i have access

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    • arkhezia
    • P@Y
    • 02 Mar 2017

    guys do you have a firmware for Acer z150? ?Badly needed one. my acer Z150 back cam is not functional. please help..

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      • Liquid Metalhead
      • uHQ
      • 02 Nov 2016

      I am looking for a battery replacement but no luck. I called their customer service and ptt said they no longer sell it.

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        • Indra
        • sRh
        • 24 Oct 2016

        Is, It Compatible For Use In Indonesia

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          • acerliquidx1_02
          • Kg%
          • 13 Sep 2016

          I mean the back camera..

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            • acerliquidx1_02
            • Kg%
            • 13 Sep 2016

            Does anyone knows how to put/install a front camera here? My liquid x1 phone lost its front camera. I don't know how this happened. There's no button for camera. Literally lost. Pls. Help me. Thanks!

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              • AnonD-578860
              • tDT
              • 31 Aug 2016

              Does anyone know how to root this device?

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                • Darko
                • t7X
                • 09 Jul 2016

                I played movie on Acer X1. I was amazed the clarity of the screen when movie is playing. Is that called refresh rate or motion rate? What is the proper term? What latest phone available today can offer this kind of motion for movies?

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                  • Smaea
                  • tue
                  • 24 Apr 2016

                  Mr. G, 10 Feb 2016I recently updated my phone and now the auto-brightness doe... moreLatest ver in Malaysia. No issue with auto brightness. Try reset android

                    • M
                    • Mr. G
                    • t7X
                    • 10 Feb 2016

                    I recently updated my phone and now the auto-brightness doesn't work anymore. There is no problem according to sensor box for android app.

                    Please fix this Acer!

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                      • Anon
                      • t7X
                      • 01 Jan 2016

                      I fried the top and bottom grills of my phone. The top (left side) have 2 functions, call speaker and notificaton led. At the bottom (left side) is the speaker.

                      I removed the grills and what's holding them are double sided-like sticker and replaced them with glossy black sticker, you know like the ones used in a vehicle sticker? The black numbered stickers? I traced the grills and used scissor, design knife and a toothpick to install the custom sticker. Now i have customized my phone. No more dusty looking grills.

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                        • kanyecj
                        • N98
                        • 02 Dec 2015

                        Hi guys, how do I get a battery replacement?
                        Also, how do I get unlock codes?

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                          • Nj
                          • wYK
                          • 24 Nov 2015

                          I just want to confirm that the latest update has no issues though I have no idea what it fixed.

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                            • Nj
                            • 2Au
                            • 29 Oct 2015

                            Anyone updated their phones to the latest version?

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                              • Smaea
                              • bJb
                              • 16 Oct 2015

                              Sanada Yukimura, 11 Sep 2015planning to buy this phone next month...someone please tell... moreGood - camera, battery, gorilla glass
                              Bad - sometimes when multiple tap at lower side of screen, the touch function fail. Need to tap something at middle/upper side then ok back

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                                • SHOBHIT
                                • Iam
                                • 05 Oct 2015

                                GlossyGhost, 30 Sep 2015I have to retract my comment about the battery life. 4 hour... morethis is a very good mobile

                                  • G
                                  • GlossyGhost
                                  • XMh
                                  • 30 Sep 2015

                                  GlossyGhost, 12 May 2015Got this phone 1 week ago and all I can say is that it's a ... moreI have to retract my comment about the battery life. 4 hours on-screen time + wifi + chrome eats around 60% of battery.

                                  When using data mobile the area around the camera gets super hot. Wifi doesn't have this problem.

                                  Update to the latest version disables the function of free focus. It now says unexpected error and crashes the camera.

                                    • S
                                    • Sanada Yukimura
                                    • RJ2
                                    • 11 Sep 2015

                                    planning to buy this phone next month...someone please tell me advantages and disadvantages of this phone

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                                      • Julius
                                      • vaS
                                      • 15 Aug 2015

                                      got this phone for almost a month now and its super cool.. so wont regret having one of these..

                                        • X
                                        • Xolani
                                        • fj9
                                        • 12 Aug 2015

                                        I wish i could own one of these!