Acer Liquid Z2

Acer Liquid Z2

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  • AnonD-258238
  • 7X2
  • 27 Apr 2014

AnonD-1038, 26 Jun 2013Can this phone play temple run or gta yes. it can play any games :)

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    • Arm
    • mS6
    • 24 Feb 2014

    the best Stupid phone ever

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      • Dimitriscz
      • 0Cs
      • 10 Feb 2014

      I just bought it. It says there is a firmware update.. I installed it and device says update complete. When I went to system no changes has been made and Also there is still this "update" available.
      Kernel 3.4.0

      Anyone can tell me?

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        • Cynthia928
        • IVx
        • 27 Jan 2014

        Very slow and quite lag! especially when typing.
        and launcher always suddenly stop, and u need to restart. very Disappointed.

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          • Clark
          • t7X
          • 26 Jan 2014

          when it is charging you cannot open it and texting ,sometimes the memory card hard to detect, and when it slide to open it and click the image of icon the result was different very dissapointed .

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            • Kogi
            • nax
            • 20 Dec 2013

            I have it since half a year.
            It serves basic purposes as a smartphone - it was cheapest at the time I bought it.
            It is as slow as all other very low end smartphones.
            I had(still has) few problems with it:
            First it broke when it suddenly without any good reason slowed down 100 times and worked in veeery slow motion, still worked but even starting the phone took more then 48 hours (!!), got repaired on warranty, supposedly by reinstalling system.

            Second and still since, it sometimes looses connection with gsm operators, also with no reason, sometimes can show that it has connection, while in reality it hasn't, after powering down and back up the phone it reestabilishes connection.

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              • Shabz
              • mxI
              • 17 Dec 2013

              klid, 22 Nov 2013I have the same issue.. do you have solution?yep install a memory card and set that as the default download location. see previous post for details.

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                • Shabz
                • mxI
                • 17 Dec 2013

                AnonD-142929, 21 Nov 2013you should try update the Phone with an sd card installed. ... morei fitted an official sandisk 32gb micro sdhc card( careful of cheap slow fakes that self destruct after 2gb worth of downloads!) in mine, formatted with panasonic sd card formatter 4.0. once put into the phone, switch it on, after booting , go to the settings and set memory card as the default download location. if you then try running the updates ( 3 of them) you should find it installs fine. it updates to the latest jellybean for UK customers. Hope this is helpful.

                Kind regards

                  • k
                  • kurt
                  • vpb
                  • 12 Dec 2013

                  I just got this 3 days ago, but i have a problem, whenever i try to open the camera it says, "cannot open the camera. is this a factory defect?

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                    • klid
                    • IVE
                    • 22 Nov 2013

                    F, 15 Aug 2013i have this phone and just use for internet browsing. so... moreI have the same issue.. do you have solution?

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                      • AnonD-142929
                      • 0rS
                      • 21 Nov 2013

                      you should try update the Phone with an sd card installed. as i remember correctly, the error message you get says: not enough storage for update INSTAL SD CARD

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                        • AnonD-194368
                        • spk
                        • 19 Nov 2013

                        Why i can't update the system ? When it tryes, it says that there's not enough free momory, at least 70 mb, ... but i have more... ?!?

                        please smbdy help me :D !!!

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                          • harry
                          • tuf
                          • 18 Nov 2013

                          kim, 06 Sep 2013yes it can .play temple run and subway becuz its a dual cor... not a dual core smartphone

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                            • AnonD-197307
                            • UG3
                            • 18 Oct 2013

                            It's hard to ditch this phone. I tried but I just found other phones would be too costly just to fulfill basic needs in Android system. I have a Blackberry 9900 and still using it a lot, and it seems to be an overkill to have Android phones, while I'm still stuck with BBM contacts.

                            This phone is cheap, adequately designed and built, the camera performs reasonably terrific (HDR is quite well, except when the lighting is way below normal).

                            Wifi and connection has very slight problem but not always.
                            It can lag if you try to install loads of apps, which came to my attention that I just used too many apps that erode my productivity instead.

                            Not particularly excited about the look. I bought the black backcover version, should've gone with the white one like I had with Z110.

                            The only thing that bugs me constantly is the resolution which seems low with the Roboto font (Android 4+ default). It would be acceptable should it be using the old Droid font. But nevertheless it's already 165ppi.

                            I have similar pleasant experience with Z110, so I think Acer is the right phone to buy if you need a basic Android phone.

                            So far easy way of rooting the phone failed, have to go through the complicated one but just too lazy to do that because all I want to do is just to change the default font.

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                              • listriyanto
                              • KiP
                              • 14 Oct 2013

                              Mike, 27 May 2013You can't use the external SD card for applications unless ... moreI've tried on sony xperia tipo and some phones of china and have same problem like you are, can't be root

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                                • Willy
                                • S1H
                                • 07 Oct 2013

                                Anonymous, 04 Oct 2013Can I have the tut on how to root this phone please?69 euro now with the Phonehouse, unlocked, in Holland

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • Rxn
                                  • 04 Oct 2013

                                  AnonD-189639, 23 Sep 2013Have this phone, rooted, perm sim unlock, tweaked OS, great... moreCan I have the tut on how to root this phone please?

                                    • m
                                    • mark
                                    • vLx
                                    • 26 Sep 2013

                                    AnonD-189639, 23 Sep 2013Have this phone, rooted, perm sim unlock, tweaked OS, great... moreHow do you root your phone?

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • Rxn
                                      • 26 Sep 2013

                                      How do i got this phone rooted?

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                                        • AnonD-189639
                                        • LaI
                                        • 23 Sep 2013

                                        Have this phone, rooted, perm sim unlock, tweaked OS, great performance for this low price phone ...