Acer Liquid Z530

Acer Liquid Z530

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  • Anonymous

Squire, 28 Jun 2019My phone won't let me take photos it keeps saying intenol s... moreTransfer your pics to pc/laptop. Then go to Settings >> Storage. Make sure you pick SD card as default write disk.

  • Sceptic

Stan, 05 Mar 2019when acer will change their software in Z530 to allow trans... moreNewer. They do not support soft of this phone for number of years.

  • Squire

My phone won't let me take photos it keeps saying intenol storage full and i can't seem to free up space

  • Stan

when acer will change their software in Z530 to allow transfer telephone memory/applications to SD card?

  • Stan

Stan, 02 Nov 2016Which way to stop those stupid updates on my Z530? All the ... moreI thought that acer will update their software to allow me transfer that telephone memory/applications to SD card. unfortunately they probably don't read our opinion. this is their "userfriendly" approach

It's funny that they added in a setting for notches but not whether a phone has a notification led or whether the headphone jack is on the bottom or top or wherever

  • Mohan

Incoming Calls and Messages do not received another sim card while mobile data on in one sim

  • Anonymous

Can't touch my back button of my Acer z530

  • jack sprrow

i need updation in all softwares and processors then os internet speed in acer liquid z530 plz send me link for updation

  • acerz530

theptguy, 28 Apr 2018This phone is amazing, I've bought it 2 years ago and its s... morewhere did you get update in z530 pls . i need to update my acer :(

  • AnonD-755981

very bad phone, i bought it two years ago in a shop, and after the first update to android 5.1, the memory is already full, so you must try to delete everything you can delete in the device's memory in order to download apps before you transfer them to the necessary sd card. the speaker is really bad, you can't listen to music because the volume is really weak and wit two months of utilisation the sound quality is the same as if it was the vibrator that pruduced the sound. the battery lasts only 5 hours and is always overheated. the only good point is the solidity of the screen. after 1 year and a half, th phone started to reboot automatically, and finally he reset everytime before I couldn't restar it anymore. So in my opinion, you should'nt buy this phone.

  • theptguy

This phone is amazing, I've bought it 2 years ago and its still going strong
I managed to update it to Android 7.1 Nougat via Custom ROM and so far it is really good to use it as an backup phone alongside with my main phone Huawei P8 Lite 2017
The only problem to me is the lack of storage, 8GB of internal memory and 1GB of RAM is low for today standards, and the phone gets hot when playing games for a long time

  • Tony

Garbage phone. Bought this for my wife and it's given us nothing but problems. Initially the phone wouldn't stay on due to a loose battery connection so we exchanged it for another one. Since then, it has had random problems such as rapid battery drain and storage issues. The amount of bloatware that the phone comes with does not help with storage either. Due to a locked bootloader and minimal support online, the phone can't be rooted to address these issues.

We were attracted to the phone by solid specs and a great price point, but the above issues have left a terrible impression and I will never buy an Acer phone again.

  • Anonymous

It is too heat and battery backup is low

  • Gajen Das

Please send link and support since my acer liquid is LTE. I need this as VOLTE

  • sreekumar

arul, 22 Feb 2017acer z530 support jio sim or notyes support. You put the jio sim in the sim slot 1. It will work.

  • earsie

Balthazar008, 08 Aug 2017Has anyone rooted this phone and can suggest tips how to ro... morefirst flash custom recovery

i used twrp

and find some su binary and install it

  • Anonymous

am using this acer liquid z530 since Dec. 2017...and now I can't turn it on...after trying to removed/put again the batt. and charging it..

  • AnonD-691115

my phone touch was broken.and i live in bangladesh.
so how to i get touch and display of this phone acer liquid Z530

  • Balthazar008

Has anyone rooted this phone and can suggest tips how to root it. I've already tried kingoroot but no success there.