Acer Liquid Z530S

Acer Liquid Z530S

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  • Roy

Gyanboy, 17 Jun 2016wen dis phn is coming....... any expected release date??????I've been using this model and the GPS is actually great. Make sure you have a strong data connection if ever you're using a Data plan or Wi-Fi. Also, set the connection to 3G only.

  • Gyanboy

wen dis phn is coming....... any expected release date??????

  • Nheil

I am really disappointed. I failed my reason why I bought this phone. The gps is not accurate and also its camera poor quality. Even I update the google maps. And now it is a very expensive toy only.

  • Gotku

This model doe not have a SD card slot.

  • upset

all very well, but but does it have the same WiFi bug as the Z530 and many other budget phones, i.e. it wont re-connect to Saved WiFi networks when the screen is locked, try it, you will be shocked.

  • Tapan

I guess the battery iz 4000mAh.. not 2400mAh

  • AnonD-441601

With specs like that battery should be at least 3000. Otherwise phone is useless unless you wanna charge it twice a day.

  • joe

good is midrange smartphone....