Adobe to cut off Flash support on December 31

Michail, 17 June 2020

Three years ago, Adobe announced its plans to end support for its Flash Player by the end of 2020. Now Adobe issued an official end-of-life date for Flash which is the last day of this calendar year - December 31, 2020. After this date, Adobe will not issue any updates or security patches for Flash and recommends users to uninstall the player beforehand.

Adobe to cut off Flash support on December 31

In addition, Adobe will remove all archives of previous Flash Player versions from its official site and will block Flash-based content from running.

Adobe will prompt those who have Flash Player installed on their device to uninstall it before the termination date.



Reader comments

Yet another W for Apple, are you guys able to keep count still?

Most likely they will. It was meant sarcastic, but forgot to add a sarcastic marker

  • Anonymous

I believe they will remove it in next update.

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