alcatel 1B (2022)

alcatel 1B (2022)

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  • Bt5
  • 05 Dec 2022

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2022Not the greatest It is good enough for a budget phone that phone companies give out free to their customers, but even such phones now should have an NFC chip built in. Unfortunately this one does not.

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    • Bare
    • skJ
    • 07 Nov 2022

    So the phone is extremely good for its price. It runs even when dropped to the floor like 30 times. I am amazed on how much breakage this phone can handle. I am very satisfied. 👍

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      • Anon
      • 0pw
      • 02 Nov 2022

      I like the design of this phone. I don't mind phones with bezels. Don't like all these punch hole screen phones. Sadly this phone is only for basic tasks. Now if only a manufacturer made a mid range spec phone of this size. Asus zenphone 9 is upper end and Sony 10 iv is too tall and narrow for my liking.

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        • Hitman
        • ptS
        • 19 Oct 2022

        When North Macedonia will be abble to acces official site of Alcatel , i got old Alcatel with home page Alcatel but cannot act , my mother buyed new Alcatel before 3-4 months - it see like she buyed it from street seller ..... Official site on Alcatel is blocked in North Macedonia please help

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          • Sam
          • pL0
          • 16 Oct 2022

          P Nak, 28 Sep 2022Because the 95% of people prefer smartphones with 6,5 inche... moreYou're wrong! No-one in their right mind prefers a great big phone - because you can't carry them easily and they break in a back pocket. If you want bigger, you get a tablet. Simple. Mobile phones started small - so they could be carried and didn't break in a back pocket. That is the natural and correct size - small. I use the Uniherz Jelly Pro - 3.5" - fits in any pocket, easily carried, doesn't break. Duh!

            This is our most flagship phone ever

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              • Anonymous
              • I@H
              • 02 Oct 2022

              Nice design away from notch disease, punch hole disease, and erected cam.

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                • P Nak
                • MKL
                • 28 Sep 2022

                Sin, 02 Sep 2022Why is there no reviews of this budget smartphone ? alc... moreBecause the 95% of people prefer smartphones with 6,5 inches display ( Alcatel 1B 2022 have 5,5 inches display)

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                  • Anonymous
                  • HCX
                  • 10 Sep 2022

                  Acquired on 8 September 2022 as a replacement for a Nokia 4.2 (battery failure after around 28 months operation).

                  Apart from one or two minor irks (reflecting my own taste preferences) so far I'm very happy indeed with this telephone.

                  Nokia 4.2 was 3GB RAM32GB storage. I hoped for at least that in a new telephone that but screen size is the most important thing for me so I settled for the 2GB/32GB offered here.

                  In operation the telephone seems more responsive than the (somewhat 'laggy' Nokia 4.2. It really is very smooth indeed.

                  The battery rating is the same as the Nokia. Depletion seems fo be a little more rapid but that isn't an issue for me while the fact that the battery is replaceable is a very big plus.

                  The telephone seems to be well made and has a solid feel to it. The screen image quality is excellent. Set up was easy.

                  If you want a straightforward telephone for normal everyday use you'll be extremely hard pressed to find better value.

                  Highly recommended.

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                    • Sin
                    • 3ag
                    • 02 Sep 2022

                    Why is there no reviews of this budget smartphone ?

                    alcatel might have just made best budget phone in the uk you can just go in a shop and buy with cash

                    This smartphone on paper ticks all the box's
                    headphone jack sd card slot bezels removable battery
                    the 2gb ram & 32gb storage should be ok on AndroidGo

                    i hope people review this phone it's design looks really good and the screen looks really promising

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                      • Anonymous
                      • Yi}
                      • 31 Aug 2022

                      Why don't TCL just kill the brand? Nokia is the owner of Alcatel Mobile, it is clear that TCL doesn't want to make the brand good as there is a conflict now.

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                        • Grenoullie
                        • gLN
                        • 15 Aug 2022

                        Sin, 07 Aug 2022This phone looks good on paper as long as it's really ... moreDoes it have a removable battery? Yes!

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                          • Grenouille
                          • gLN
                          • 15 Aug 2022

                          P Nak, 12 Aug 2022Where is the FM Radio? I can't find it in the menu. Ho... moreMy UK phone supplied by Vodafone doesn't have an FM radio feature.

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                            • P Nak
                            • S4b
                            • 12 Aug 2022

                            Where is the FM Radio? I can't find it in the menu. How can you activate it?

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                              • Inve
                              • S3c
                              • 10 Aug 2022

                              Anonymous, 07 Aug 2022Not the greatest But have you seen the price? You must realize this is a budget phone, not a flagship.

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                                • Sin
                                • 0Fj
                                • 07 Aug 2022

                                This phone looks good on paper as long as it's really cheap it is ok

                                32gb storage is enough for light phone users
                                2gb ram on AndroidGo the lighter version of Android should make 2gb ram usable

                                The processor should be just ok
                                I think the performance should be just good enough for most apps basic tasks like calls text social media but gaming will suffer from just 2gb ram

                                I like the design bezels reasonable size SD card slot headphone jack looks like the ideal phone too have
                                Does it have a removable battery?

                                I heard a lot of compliments about this brand so what's the catch ?

                                Software any good?

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • I1F
                                  • 07 Aug 2022

                                  Not the greatest