alcatel 1B (2022)

alcatel 1B (2022)

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  • EUk
  • 05 Sep 2023

Alcatel hasn't made a phone in over a year. I hope this is the last.

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    • Sin
    • HCj
    • 27 Aug 2023

    TAX1BUS101, 15 Aug 2023and Facebook liteYeah 😭 Facebook lite spyware

    However TikTok isn't bloatware app it's a money app the smartphone starts paying me money for buying it reducing the overall price of the smartphone

    The Alcatel phone trys too buy it's self
    Such a good deal

      MakeNokiaGreatAgain, 10 Aug 2023Storage can be expanded with microSDXC card.adding more space just makes the phone slower with the weak processor it has, despite the fact that it just has 2gb ram (not expandable, dont even try to use virtual RAM) tho...
      In simple terms, this phone is sh** in 2023...

        Sin, 22 Jul 2023List of per-installed apps are TikTok and Facebook lite

          Daniel0808, 08 Aug 20232gb RAM isn't enough these days, and to make it worse ... moreStorage can be expanded with microSDXC card.

            2gb RAM isn't enough these days, and to make it worse the phone comes with android 11 and just 32 misserable GB storage

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              • Sin
              • HCj
              • 22 Jul 2023

              List of per-installed apps are

                Hitman , 12 Jun 2023After this model i will never buy any ' Alcatel '... moreYour post makes no sense whatsoever.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • myx
                  • 25 Jun 2023

                  Where is the Flashlight "HIDDEN" on this phone? It is on the menu of my Alcatel Turbo 4 4G

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                    • P NAK
                    • MK8
                    • 21 Jun 2023

                    Hitman , 12 Jun 2023After this model i will never buy any ' Alcatel '... morewhich country did you buy it from?In Greece Alcatel 1B 2022 costs 100 euros

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                      • Hitman
                      • ptS
                      • 12 Jun 2023

                      After this model i will never buy any ' Alcatel ' - again . Still got 6 months guarantee - 4-5 charged , i buy it 130 Euros , want to back it to factory with ' case ' - 10 Euros - to back me the money for case , and to use the parts from this - for other model , especial ' loudspeaker ' - and to give to designer promotion - ' DIGITAL CAMERA '

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                        • Sin
                        • pYB
                        • 07 Jun 2023

                        fran6325, 26 May 2023Is this a bot? Because this phone runs on Android 11 and yo... moreI know this smartphone runs android 11
                        I am pretty well known for just reviewing tech in a more mechanical way then what is considered normal for a human

                        Am just a hidden tech reviewer basically that doesn't want too be famous just am more private then your topical person

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                          • pYB
                          • 06 Jun 2023

                          fran6325, 26 May 2023Is this a bot? Because this phone runs on Android 11 and yo... moreChipset Mediatek MT6761 Helio A22 (12 nm)
                          CPU Quad-core 2.0 GHz Cortex-A53
                          GPU PowerVR GE8300

                          I looked up this processor online I find it's a old mediatek soc processor best suited for Android 8 as I seem a lot of smartphones with this chipset that run android 8

                          I've seen a lot of Android 8 smartphones with this chipset choice it's just mediatek keeps using this old budget soc for newer smartphones this is fine as long as the price is right

                          It's ideal choice keep products in production industry with old chipset like there's for the reason it's cheaper produce products with older soc as existing equipment is ideal for keeping price down for production industry costs that's Ideal for customers

                          It's not a good processor however it's good enough for too run the web browser & apps too a good enough for every day usage standard for a budget smartphones (£60) i like this soc it's the reason I choose this smartphones was for the soc plus the RAM / ROM for only £60 pound

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                            • pYB
                            • 06 Jun 2023

                            fran6325, 26 May 2023Is this a bot? Because this phone runs on Android 11 and yo... moreAndroid 8 has better app compatibility then android 11 and will have smoother performance

                            Older software is better because it's easier on the hardware as the hardware isn't powerful enough for the for modern software too handle so your better off ideally if the smartphones run android 8 with the mediatek a22

                            The Alcatel 1b 2022 does also have virtual system ram that improves the system performance by making up for the limited amount of real ram of only 2 GB ram & I think 3gb virtual ram

                            I tested the Alcatel 1b 2022 in gaming it was able too run heavy games like mobile legends bang bang that run good enough for me too have fun

                            The Alcatel 1b 2022 also comes with Tiktok per-installed on the smartphones this app is so good it even pays me money too use the smartphone
                            With money apps

                            The Alcatel brand is the cleam of the crop for people on a budget who can't afford better

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                              • TheRandomiser
                              • 3aF
                              • 27 May 2023

                              I love this phone. For the £60 price tag, it runs quite smoothly (unless you push it) and Android 11 Go Edition works really well on this phone. I recommend this as a good budget phone!

                                Sin, 15 Apr 2023Alcatel 1b 2022 Great budget phone that's reviewed th... moreIs this a bot? Because this phone runs on Android 11 and you want it to run Android 8 which no human being would do

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                                  • pYB
                                  • 15 Apr 2023

                                  Alcatel 1b 2022
                                  Great budget phone that's reviewed that's actually usability is good enough for basic usage
                                  notch hole punch free screen unlike basic usage bad apple at 10x the price

                                  Am very impressed by the Alcatel brand

                                  TFT LCD Screen ✓
                                  Screen resolution ✓
                                  Plastic body ✓
                                  Size ✓
                                  Battery ✓
                                  Mediatek a22 ✓
                                  Price √
                                  Ram √
                                  Virtual additional ram ✓
                                  User replaceable battery's ✓
                                  Headphones jack ✓
                                  SD card slot ✓
                                  Dual SIM ✓
                                  Androidgo 11 go edition ×
                                  Storage ×
                                  Mediatek DuraSpeed ×
                                  Root switch ×

                                  Alcatel is has proven there software is good and they are genuine good at making budget smartphones
                                  I am TCL Alcatel fan now
                                  Most favourite phone brand

                                  I only wish this phone supported dual screen mode and run Android 8 go edition yes.sadly so I rather use older software it's superior

                                  This just goes too show software isn't improving its getting worse over the years

                                  I see the point of lighter software but this comes at the drawback of multi tasking performance

                                  The go edition version of Android are not well optimized but still works at least on Alcatel

                                  After a lot of hindsight I think software is too be blamed for hardware performance and a custom root switch is better as it allows for better functional performance

                                  Mediatek DuraSpeed app is ideal improvement also if only it installation was easier

                                  Even so this isn't enough storage at least there is a SD card slot it better work well for apps

                                  This is red pill honest reviews here rated at price point of £60 brand new on sale

                                  Best local UK budget phone choice you can buy with real cash real money in a real shop

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                                    • Sin
                                    • ask
                                    • 11 Apr 2023

                                    I brought this budget Alcatel 1b 2022 for £60
                                    In the UK with own money when on sale

                                    I had high expectations for the Alcatel 1b 2022 and it delivered even better then that

                                    Great budget smartphone from my experience this phone is very nice too use

                                    The budget king in the UK because of affordable pricing

                                    The screen even so it's a TFT LCD low Res display screen the picture looks nicer than my Nokia c01 plus

                                    The performance even so this isn't a good phone is still usability is good enough

                                    It turns out 2gb ram & 32gb storage is bare minimum with Android 11 too be good enough

                                    The budget crappy mediatek a22 turned out be honestly not too bad it's possible mediatek very experienced with the budget market

                                    Alcatel also great at making budget phones
                                    I like everything about the design of this phone

                                    It's now my new dally driver am so happy I brought this it's amazing for the price
                                    Also the software is good That's really important also

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                                      • Hitman
                                      • ptS
                                      • 10 Apr 2023

                                      I have 10 months warrianty on this phone ( 4 times charged ) want to back to Alcatel factory to pay me 50 % of price for this parts of junk comparation ( especial loud speaker - 3310 ) dont want to sell to anyone for 50 Euro ( phone is new ) to call my name day and night . Designer - we wait your skills on next models . I want actions for those 50 Euro in Alcatel Company . Thank you people

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                                        • Pluto
                                        • uC0
                                        • 02 Apr 2023

                                        The back looks like luggage