alcatel 1L Pro (2021)

alcatel 1L Pro (2021)

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  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Its 1 thing to use a 28nm chip, its one thing to give it 2GB RAM & its one thing to use a lackluster battery in combo with the 2 former are you JOKING?!!

  • Zon

There's nothing PRO about this phone. It's the same specifications as 1L only thing changed is the chipset. Tcl will kill Alcatel for sure

Why is this phone exactly the same as the 1L??? It doesn't make sense to make the same model again! Alcatel Will lose money with this phone XD

Thrawn, 28 Jun 2021Lol. i'd never buy this trashy thing even for my enemi... moreIs sure that you haven't use an alcatel in phones I assure you.

I like how the phone is called "pro" when it's about as budget as budget can get

Danneil, 27 Jun 2021This phone obviously came out 6 years late too lateπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Lol. i'd never buy this trashy thing even for my enemies

i used one of their phones for a little bit back in 2013 and this looks no better than that. for the price, I can get a whole iPhone 6s+, for a few dollars more a 7+ too which will certainly be more enjoyable to use over timeπŸ˜‚. similarly, for double the cost, a galaxy S10e can be had.

  • Danneil

This phone obviously came out 6 years late too late

  • LOL

2GB Ram and 2021 ? Really!!! :D i don't get it :D anyone can buy used smartphone for 100$ that have 6GB ram :D

  • Anonymous

this phone looks like samsung A series phone lol

Such a poor-speced phoned!

  • Anonymous

To bad specs

  • Anonymous

Would you look at that, another alcatel phone.