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  • Hazem

Anonymous, 18 Jan 2021Hi. The only problem I've got with this phone is that ... moreHi my brother want to buy this phone can any body bought it tell me how does it work with him?

  • Anonymous

Hi. The only problem I've got with this phone is that I can't find the way to settle the notifications for the incoming messages. It doesn't prevent me when a message comes in. Can anyone help me please?

  • andreshko

Ross, 11 Dec 2020Bought the phone from tesco online yesterday. It turned up ... moreDon't spam, please! The phone has a frame for 2 SIM cards + TF altogether. I am an owner of one.

  • Ross

Bought the phone from tesco online yesterday. It turned up today and only takes 1 sim card.
It is sold as dual sim but it has a single sim tray and alcatel don't answer the phone or reply to support requests online. Absolutely uselsss

  • reu

mindmenglish, 14 Oct 2020crap! after 2mths, browsing is fast, battery lasted 12hrs. ... morethe only problem i had with an honor phone was the battery...the battery expanded n pushed the back cover off.......i was still able to use the phone for some months but in the end the battery would no longer charge,,,

  • Gerardo Verlezza

Good phone in its quality-price ratio, you can not demand more. The equivalents of their counterparts are much more expensive. Both the rear and front camera look good, it has good speed for normal applications. Most games run well on low and normal graphics. The only detail that I see is that the touch is not as sensitive as others.

  • mindmenglish

crap! after 2mths, browsing is fast, battery lasted 12hrs. already updated phone.

hotspot to laptop via wifi or bluetooth keep disconnecting 3-4 times every an hour! while my friend use smsung a10s use same telco have no disconnecting problem!

plan to get honor 8s or 8a with googleplay hope no problem with hotspot!

  • mindmenglish

hmm same price as redmi 7a but has 3/32gb 3060mah, much lighter than 7a. touchscreen a little unresponsive have to get use to.

  • Jaycyh

my online seller shipped this phone to me instead of my budget phone ,but it's been a good mix-up ! reasonably good performance , nice 720p screen, strong vibration , lightweight ,good fingerprint scanner , cameras are acceptable , excellent reception and good WiFi Hotspot function , Android 9 is fairly modern and rather stock too ,true triple slot 2020 compact phone .

I got the uodate for the June security patch on the 1S.

  • dc

Curtis, 24 Aug 2019The headphone with this phone is very poor listening to mus... moreso true

  • Nana Boadi GH.

Great work by Alcatel, looks gorgeous and works perfectly regards to internet. When I compare the price that I bought this phone and how it works.....I can boldly recommend it for you...bravo! Alcatel

  • Pera

I have this phone. Slow phone but usable. Front camera have trouble with qr codes, can not phokus near object.

I got this phone from my work as replacement for the aging Huawei Y5. Looks and feels fine, sleek and light. So far so good, it's so much faster than the Huawei.

  • Martin Caballero

I've bought it two days ago and I'm very happy with it. Cameras are good enough, internal storage is what I was looking for, the phone is snappy and responsive.

It's very unlikely that the phone will receive any major update, but I was expecting that for the price.

My only gripe is that a couple accesories I use in every phone I've bought are hard to find: protective glass and a decent cover. The box includes a transparent plastic cover, but the camera lens protrudes and is exposed to scratches. I'd like to find a thick bumper case or (even better) a flip case, but they are impossible to find over here.

  • Ampo

Fantastic phone period !!

  • Anonymous

Asi, 28 Dec 2019Internet is very poor performance 4GRam?not, more for multitasking

  • Anonymous

Super phone price comparison..

  • Reader2

Well I bought the Alcatel 1S 2019 from last year for less than 100 Euros and I think it is a solid phone for the price range. 3GB Ram and 32GB storage is pretty good and even Xiaomi offers only 2GB Ram phones in the same price range. There is even a 4GB Ram with 64GB storage version of the Alcatel 1S for just 10-20 Euros more. I am pleased with the phone, it even offers pick to wake feature, which shows time and missed notifications. Display is sharp enough at almost 300 ppi and the speaker is good too. Performance is fine and you can even play Pubg Mobile with minimal lag at lowest settings. The UI is very close to stock Android and has a couple of useful features like repositioning the navigation buttons and so on. Thevonly down side is that you probably won't get any major software updates. I received only one security patch since August 19 but other OEMs are not much better regarding software updates. Especially at this price range.

  • Asi

Internet is very poor performance 4GRam?