alcatel 1S (2020)

alcatel 1S (2020)

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  • Anonymous

I used many cheap phones in the past, but this one is the worst of them all. Camera is really bad. Specs says this phone has 3GB of RAM, well if it drops to 1GB available RAM the phone is useless. Fingerprint scanner is a disaster, can't unlock my phone or log into banking app even with dry hands. Only pros of this phone are huge battery and NFC. I used to say old and cheap Samsung phones are bad but this Alcatel is a complete nightmare.

Alex 94, 13 Jan 20203/32 gb, 3 rear cameras, android 10, 4000 mah battery, nice... moreLast week I picked up an Alcatel 5V as now they are selling dirt cheap in India. Mine is of Black color, I've paid ₹6209 ($85, €70). It was selling €199 a year back. For its price the phone is excellent. The 5 series have much better build quality & exterior design to 1 & 3 series, so quality wise 5V > 3X > 1S even in 2021. I don't know why they stopped making 5 series.

5V do have a decent quality display, which was quite a surprise at this price. JOY UI overlay over Android seems decent to me. The phone looks very premium which is ultra rare in this price segment. The Mediatek Helios P22 get daily jobs done and is every power efficient. P22 uses same TSMC 12nm fabrication process that of Helios G90T, which is a big plus. Coupled with a 4000mAh battery provides stellar battery backup.

India bound 5V's supports a dozen 4G bands which is rare, supports OTG, 128GB microSD card expansion, decent file transfer speeds through microUSB, Bluetooth 4.2, decent audio through headphone jack & FM Radio. A very balanced phone.

A few fun facts I discovered:

1) Alcatel-Lucent is a French company
2) In 2004, a subsidiary "Alcatel Mobile Phones" was formed.
3) A Chinese farm "TCL Corporation" had 55% stake on "Alcatel Mobile Phones".
4) In 2005, Alcatel-Lucent sold the rest 45% share of "Alcatel Mobile Phones" to TCL.
5) Now TCL had 100% control on "Alcatel Mobile Phones".
6) In 2015, Nokia bought Alcatel-Lucent.
7) Nokia now have complete rights to Alcatel trademark.
8) Since then Chinese brand TCL, designs & manufacturers phones under "Alcatel " trademark license from Nokia.

Complicated, but we are actually buying Chinese phones with a French brand logo. This does not mean the phone is bad in any way.

  • Anonymous

Great battery life

  • Hotrodd3r

I bought one to replace my Alcayel Idol 3. Except for the battery, the Idol 3 is way better.
Really bad sound quality, the screen doesn´t block during calls, you can block it yourself, but when you unblock it it goes to the main menu instead off call menu. Also it turns off and restart sometimes and you don´t get it until you need to use it, so you´ll miss a lot of calls.
The battery will survive for a day+ even with heavy use.

  • Anonymous

Idk, 03 Nov 2020Its actually a Good phone! For 90 dollars youre getting som... moreKM2007

  • Idk

Its actually a Good phone! For 90 dollars youre getting some Good stuff. The 720p display is hit and miss. In menus etc it looks Good but on some yt videos it looks bad but on most of the yt videos it looks Good.

The 4000 mah batteri is awesome and lasts through 1,5 days for me.

Camera is Good, tho videos looks not that nice.

I mean everything about this phone is Really Good except the build quality and the 2,5 d glass screen so put a screen protector on this phone!

  • michael

bought this phone in ireland and works well

  • Mazzo

The touch screen is sometimes unresponsive and feels rough - not as smooth as my Moto E6 plus. The backlight is dull, even on full settings, and in comparison to my Moto E6 plus screen - which is vibrant and bright, and it isn't even on full settings. The Alcatel is sometimes laggy. The speaker is awful. The camera is good.
One last thing - the ridiculous key thing that is required to take out the sim/memory drawer, which is on the side the phone. So, you will need to take it with you wherever you plan on going, and if you plan on accessing the sim/memorycard port, without it, you wont be able to gain access to it! Score 2/5

  • CristianCamiloOcampo

I want buy this phone. ¿Compatible Band 28 with Claro and Tigo? I am from Colombia.

  • Anonymous

kweku, 02 Jul 2020i experience freezing unexpectedly, a lot and then the phon... moreIn fact I bought mine two days ago. It will not freeze or lag, but all of a sudden restarts on itself and very annoying. I factory reset it and have not experienced it for hours now, hope it works.

  • ben dover

its so good and cheap that i can buy one everytime i break it

Alcatel finally made a decent smartphone. Nice performance and cheap.

  • khanlala

Very nice set in entry level category. Got one for my brother he is very happy from this phone. Very good battery backup, camera is average, one drawback is doesn't have type-c port. Close competitor is Redmi 9A.

  • Anonymous

I just purchased Alcatel 1s 2020. I wanted to increase the internal memory by formatting an SD card as internal memory. Unfortunately the only option I get is " format as portable storage'. I want to know if this phone doesn't support formatting an SD card as internal memory. Thanks

Just got one of these will update after iv tried it, it seems very good value finger print sensor and 3gb of ram only had 1gb ram or 2gb before so looking forward too seeing if its fast, had nokia 1.3 before dont bother its slow and face unlock is slow and mostly wont unlock up date soon.

  • Aciid

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2020Please tell me about its camera quality inside house. It... moreAlcatel 1s is better than infinix and tecno phones. I experienced this phone is better screen and briteness. In this price p22 chip is amazing and camera are average
in daylight candition camera works very good punchy and crispy pics

  • kweku

i experience freezing unexpectedly, a lot and then the phone restarts by itself. in the middle of writing a text, watching a video, opening a file just freezes anytime. besides that, it's a pretty solid phone. Any solution?

  • Anonymous

NotAlcatelFan, 25 Apr 2020My dad bought this phone last week, and although 32GB is fa... moretry using a 32gb SD card. I have read reviews that alcatel 1s 2020 will take upto 128gb SD card but also some say only 32gb SD card. I hope this helps.

  • Anonymous

Please tell me about its camera quality inside house.

It's a very good deal in Pakistan in 15,000.
Helio P22, 32/3GB Storage/RAM, Fingerprint sensor, 4000mAh battery, 13MP camera with depth/ultra wide sensor...

I'm just worried about its camera and built quality :(

  • Anonymous

NotAlcatelFan, 25 Apr 2020My dad bought this phone last week, and although 32GB is fa... moreMost phones don't let you use SD Cards as internal storage. But you can store data on them.
Also, if you format SD Card as Internal Storage, your SD Card will expire faster.

Can you tell me about its camera quality? Does it take good pictures inside house?
Is selfie camera good enough?