alcatel 1SE (2020)

alcatel 1SE (2020)

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  • Flashman
  • CDG
  • 02 Dec 2022

Perplexed, 17 Aug 2022Hi my Alcatel 1 SE phone seems to have a mind of it's ... moreMine behaves the same way however you may have some luck in disabling automatic brightness controll, chears!

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    • Perplexed
    • pak
    • 17 Aug 2022

    Hi my Alcatel 1 SE phone seems to have a mind of it's own! It appears that every so often there is a batch file working in the background whereby the phone seems to execute a series of infuriating tasks. For instance toggles wifi, light on and off, changes screen settings etc. I seem to have no control over what it does. I have even rebooted in safe mode and the same things happen. Is my only option to do a factory reset or is there another solution?

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      • Angry customer
      • MGL
      • 13 Aug 2022

      Please, be aware that Alcatel phones, in my experience, are the LEAST reliable phones . You may be motivated by their slightly lower price, but trust me, that comes at a cost. I made the mistake of buying this model for my wife, and two Alcatel-1 for my kids. What happened, all three got the memory corrupted for no reason, forcing me to reset them, losing information in the process. It happened not once but several times! My wife's by being the most expensive one took a bit longer for this to happen, but at the worst moment. The phone just showed the black screen asking to reset the device due to memory corruption. This happened when she was abroad, so she not only got uncommunicated but also lost lots of valuable pictures!

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        • Anonymous
        • MQD
        • 29 Jun 2022

        Purchased it as a secondary mainly podcasts playing purposes in april 2022. Paid 100€ for it and was glad I saved 40€ in comparison with phones with equivalent-similar specs. Not happy. Communications are lousy...sluggish bluetooth, wifi reception goes on and off ramdomly, phone band reception does not came back automatically once flight mode nor max battery saving modes are deactivated. Weird fake shutting down requiring PIN while phone still on. I didn't save a cent since I got me into an akward device

          I have read that the cell phone performs well in gaming with games like call of duty

            this phone accepts otg

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              • Andrew
              • La8
              • 26 Apr 2022

              I bought this phone for 100$ new for black friday back in 2020, well let me tell you. It was cheap and for the money I paid it was a hell of a deal, I still use it this day , the gps signal is not that good though and the camera works very bad in low light , overall it's very good for the price it was back then, it doesn't lag, the battery lasts decently and the interface is simple and nice. I wish I was able to record calls like on my old xiaomi but I guess I'm asking too much.

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                • Sasha
                • 0w7
                • 02 Mar 2022

                No radio FM.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • CGH
                  • 07 Jan 2022

                  Anonymous, 04 Nov 2021Please add Alcatel 1se elight edition. It's not your l... moreIs the camera good.

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                    • happybaby
                    • gI1
                    • 02 Dec 2021

                    Phone is good money/cash balance. Everything works fine except gps and camera quality is very poor. GPS works only w/data enabled and only in big cities.
                    Performance is very good even for gaming. Got this phone a bit more than a year already. Many times fallen but no serious damage and still working.

                      Alcatel 1se or infinix hot 10i? Which would you choose?

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                        • Anonymous
                        • v{u
                        • 04 Nov 2021

                        Please add Alcatel 1se elight edition. It's not your list. Phone is good

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                          • LLJW 999
                          • Yik
                          • 14 Oct 2021

                          It's a good phone if your not into that extra stuff and it's very good for the price in my opinion

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                            • Anonymous
                            • r3a
                            • 10 Oct 2021

                            Anonymous, 25 Jul 2021Its good but have the problem with google maps for directio... moreIt doesn't have compass

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                              • rwn
                              • 02 Oct 2021

                              Adul Al Salami Kebab, 09 Dec 2020I really do not like this small battery... :(Battery is fine for games , reasonable for a once off cash buy , n this is phone is fine for me but if u want a better phone , I suggest u take a look at the big brands like smsng, iphone ,Nokia n others but this phone came not to compete but just in the Industry

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                                • Anonymous
                                • Acq
                                • 25 Jul 2021

                                Its good but have the problem with google maps for directions and also for qibla direction. I think magnetic sensor is not available.

                                  Does any body know what type of glass screen this phone has? I put a tempered glass screen protection on my Alcatel 1SE 2020. It feel on the floor screen down, the screen cracked a lot and the outer glass protection did not have one crack. That must mean that the screen is very fragile.

                                    Well, you need to adjust your expectations for this one. One of my family members got this phone for free and it's not too bad for what it is. It's not here to compete with more expensive phones by any means, but for someone that will use it for a bit of internet browse, some Youtube and basic messaging apps it's more than enough. I did not really test if you can play some games on it, but some basic ones will run I guess. Camera is just average, but considering that this phone was free it's good enough, don't expect any miracles. So yeah, it's a good phone for a casual user, but if you want to play games or take high quality pictures, just take a look elsewhere.

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                                      • Kaidan
                                      • Mfx
                                      • 02 May 2021

                                      Phone is 5/10 in general, cheap and works ok, however, this phone has very bad camera, not only it's not capable to be smooth, it also has nowhere near 13 mp (photos are blurry in perfect light).

                                      If you need phone with solid camera, i do not recommend this.

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                                        • spy14
                                        • xw$
                                        • 30 Mar 2021

                                        Dan, 24 Dec 2020Poco M3 beats everything in this price range though, even X... morePoco in my country has almost the half price up instead the 1se.