alcatel 1V (2020)

alcatel 1V (2020)

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Before I moved to my Samsung Galaxy J8 this phone was one of my favorites, i really like the design, the screen resolution, the camera and the software despite being stuck on Android 10, also it was my first "actually good" smartphone the other ones were only cheap 2015-2018 smartphones and we all know about cheap 2015-2018 smartphones, i even used a bootleg iPhone X that performed really bad, so this one was a lot better.
My only complains are multi tasking and the speakers

  • KawaiiSenpai

Decent specs and good price point and battery life... The only issue is about the firmware optimization cus it wayyyy sucks. I can't multitask and play games like PUBG and CODM because they crash

  • mirza

Good offer at very low price... only issue is with the speakers ... low volume

When in Sofia, Bulgaria in EU???

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

1S better value... UwU