alcatel 3

alcatel 3

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This phone it has the weakest LCD, it fell from a very low height and the LCD broke

I had this in 2019

  • Anonymous

Decent is the only word that comes to mind. It'll do what needs to be done, but don't expect any kind of performance from it.

I dropped it in mud, but it still lived. I guess it's the Kalashnikov of phones.

  • william

I use it now model 2018 also Alcatel 3v model 2018 so far so good been used it for almost 3 years now, the problem with it is just when sd card format as a internal storage cant move apps to sd card i think its the software system that doesnt allow it to move but overall durablility and quality hardware such as screen quality,buttons, speakers etc is just fine if compare to some other smartphones some of it has low quality screen and can see horizontal lines which is need to be replace soon.


sadly as slow as the devil. hates .bmp images on home and lock screen. poor touch screen sensitivity......very slow transfer rates between pc and sd card.....still usefull, but bordering on absolute u5 is a darn sight faster.Howard UK

  • Axle

The non-removable battery will last a while before it needs charging unless you spend your time playing games, watching videos surfing the internet, if you do so you have to keep the charger plugged in constantly. This will make the phone get extremely hot. Apart from that it's a great phone with plenty of features and a decent performance and quality of build.

It doesn't have dual cameras. But, the 3 (2019) does.

  • Jase

aurobindo1967, 13 Nov 2018This smartphone have quality sound very good for headphones... moreThe one in my country only has 1 GB of ram or is this not the right phone

  • aurobindo1967

This smartphone have quality sound very good for headphones and speakers.

  • grec

great phone for the price had itr for 2 weeks good battery life very pleased

  • despo

nice bit of kit but no case why?