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  • Hello there

I have a problem with the otg, I've research a lot and always find out that Alcatel 3V is OTG supported... But mine is not, my brother and I brought the same brand and version and the otg works on his but not mine. Thanks for reading.

  • Anonymous

Kit, 09 Jun 2020Hi, Does anyone have the following problem? When you ... more Sorry for the late response...
It is not a problem, it is an optional enlarging feature that works by tapping the screen 3
times.This is an option on many other brands as well. (In my opinion it didn't work well on them either.) You can turn it off in settings / display .There is still the setting to enlarge the text you type or the " 2 finger pinch and open to expand the screen option as well.

  • Kit


Does anyone have the following problem?

When you tap the screen three times, the screen magnifies and then it takes a lot of fumbling around before you can get the normal size screen back, usually by pressing the power button to close the screen.

Any solutions to get around this would be gladly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

The phone is not bad. Of course you get what you paid for but it is fairly a good phone with decent camera, good storage and excellent screen. I also heavily appreciate dual sim phones and this is one of them.
However I dislike that it takes some time to get fully charged and battery drain is faster than other phones

  • Anonymous

Pretty good phone to me I love everything about it the screen is pretty good camera suits me alot I got it as a gift and honestly I recommend you to check it out or buy it


Anyone no how to root this as none of the usual (Kingo) are cutting it

  • benedicta

the phone features are very nice, but how do i unlock my alcatel 3v phone with model no 5099y

  • Rolly

AnonD-845212, 21 Mar 2019This one is listed for sale in my country for only 90 dolla... moreI have one for about a year, great phone for the money!

  • Will

Does this phone not have data? Because I cant add apn or anything.

  • AnonD-845212

This one is listed for sale in my country for only 90 dollars , Should i buy it?

In Brazil this model was named TCL C9

  • Mickii44

I have have the Australian Telstra variant the Telstra Superior and mine runs quite smoothly day to day. Not much lag, only when using snapchat but than gain it's only little things. Games work, cameras pretty decent, the display is amazing for the price. This phone will probably be my daily driver for the year

For that pricing it really isn't a bad phone at all. Great display colors and a decent battery. For elderly people and young children a great gift to make.

  • Walid ElShahawy

is it OTG usb (on the go )?
what about sound

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Aug 2018In uk the security patch is February wtf?what you expect for a £89 phone? A pixel experience?

Foz, 24 Jul 2018This processor is terrible... I mean, it can even struggle ... moreMeanwhile the iPhone 4 (from 2010, might I add) does not have the same issue!

  • Anonymous

Foz, 24 Jul 2018This processor is terrible... I mean, it can even struggle ... moreAlcatel loves Mediatek

  • Anonymous

In uk the security patch is February wtf?

  • ryan

good phone for someone that just needs it for calls and texts like a temporary phone for a family member no complaints yet so thumbs up for me. but as they say what you pay for is what you get.:/

  • Foz

This processor is terrible... I mean, it can even struggle playing youtube videos smoothly...