alcatel 3x (2018)

alcatel 3x (2018)

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  • 19 Apr 2022

I have been using this phone for a couple of years. It is a good quality phone and does the job well. I have a 3GB/32GB version, which is sufficient (i feel it is a bare minimum in today's standard). So those who have a 2GB RAM version, might be struggling with the shortage of RAM. I use it for calls, messages, chat, social media, youtube, online shopping and news reading etc. And trust me, all of these tasks are carried out flawlessly. Remember that it is not an expensive phone and therefore, do not expect that it will work like a $1,000 phone. I paid $150 for a brand-new boxed unit.

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    • alcatelhater
    • svC
    • 14 Feb 2022

    Absolutle worst phone i ever had it like heats up instantly after five minutes battery dies out

      Ian93, 09 Feb 2020Recently Purchased the 16gb 2gb model and its been rather d... moreRecently bought the Alcatel 5V and very satisfied with the device. Th phone is very stable and performs all activities as advertised.

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        • Anonymous
        • uvq
        • 03 Feb 2021

        Ian93, 09 Feb 2020Recently Purchased the 16gb 2gb model and its been rather d... moreWrost phone in the world.

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          • Ian93
          • JPI
          • 09 Feb 2020

          Recently Purchased the 16gb 2gb model and its been rather decent of a phone. it works for casual use, but if not recommended for doing graphic intensive stuff on it. my biggest issue with it so far has been that it has a software update pending that keeps popping up but i cant install it because it causes an error half way through installation and i have to soft reset it to start it back on again and the update pops up again. i have not been able to find a way to at least hide the notification for it, so its just always there on the notification bar telling me to update.

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            • PinkFloyd62
            • p{x
            • 31 Oct 2019

            New model has LTE - 4G data.
            Mobil operater can be problem, if has lot of users on base station.

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              • rukee
              • mI6
              • 05 Aug 2019

              roli, 03 Jul 2018I'm planning to buy Alcatel 3x 32GB, any reviews/issues fro... moreIt is not recommendable if you use mobile data and And It is supper slow since it is a 2G phone.

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                • Rukee
                • mI6
                • 05 Aug 2019

                Why 3X is so slow when I use my mobile data? It is working good in Wireless network but not recommendable for mobile disappointed. I was not aware this is 2G phone... any advise to revolve this issue but changing my mobile? ??????

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                  • Anonymous
                  • XIa
                  • 09 Jul 2019

                  I bought this a week now
                  Execellent lcd display
                  Good battery ( a day on 3G network )
                  Bad camera
                  Reliable fingerprint
                  Overall excellent phone for the price

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                    • zackery
                    • i}m
                    • 30 Jun 2019

                    AnonD-733422, 24 Feb 2018Don't buy Alcatel. "Better" models,if i can say better cau... moreWUT?

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                      • focus2351
                      • puf
                      • 30 May 2019

                      unfortunately one of my baddest choices..if i don't have my mouth close to mic the others cannot listen to me.I have taken it 3 times for repair and they said that everything is ok.
                      Also the programm for the photos is very bad,i move the photos to files but i cannot use them except to see them.I cannot bring them back for any reason.I didn't expect to be a proffesional to use this if it is not another problem

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 8%a
                        • 24 Mar 2019

                        the front camera for selfies. It is 8 megapixel. And the specialization letter says 5 megapixels.

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                          • Maxodu
                          • gJ4
                          • 01 Mar 2019

                          Looking to the price:
                          - processor is very good, but it drains the battery quickly!
                          - display is good
                          - charging takes an acceptable time.
                          - performance in general is over expectaions for such a price.
                          - light weighted we can say.
                          - Android 7 ?? why not 8?, anyway it is not a big difference.
                          - Wifi is working very well.
                          - location not that high accurate, but still good.
                          - OTG is a plus, thumbs up.
                          - Camera is fast somehow and focus function is good, but the quality is just equal to the price i have paid, not more.
                          - Design is nice, over expectaions by 10%
                          - Face detect & finger print are working good, as expected and a little more. you can open the phone with only one opened eye, interesting!:)

                            The screen is big and comfortable. Pixels are visible.
                            The processor is pretty fast but some games become laggy.
                            The camera could be better as photos aren't pretty clear.
                            Both memories are very good and satisfactory.
                            For this price is a very good phone but you should choose it only if you want medium specifics.

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                              • STB 11
                              • pwD
                              • 21 Dec 2018

                              I bought this phone a month ago, till now it is a great phone .
                              fast , nice picture, stylish and very good price .
                              it is the best in its range .
                              don't compare to expensive phones , if you want an affordable and good phone go for it .

                                If you want a good mobile, buy the expensive one so that you can get what you want. About this unit i don't like the output of the video camera and also the photos. And also it's very hard to paste a video to their folder. For example you to transfer a movie to the video folder a message appear and it says that you can transfer the file but you cannot play. And when you try to take a video you record will be 3gp even you put the settings in 1080 (30fps) The output is not good.

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                                  • Wes
                                  • B}L
                                  • 23 Nov 2018

                                  I bought this phone before one month. It overheats, battery drains fast, camera is blurry when you shooting video i dont reccomend it

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                                    • ina
                                    • pVM
                                    • 17 Nov 2018

                                    has slowmotion?

                                      roli, 03 Jul 2018I'm planning to buy Alcatel 3x 32GB, any reviews/issues fro... moreI bought it some time ago in the Republic of Macedonia. The battery is discharged very quickly, even at rest. Otherwise, for that money is not bad, if you want a better phone you have to pay more money.

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                                        • roli
                                        • 6vH
                                        • 03 Jul 2018

                                        I'm planning to buy Alcatel 3x 32GB, any reviews/issues from owners here?