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Ric again, 28 Nov 2018By the way, I bought it and I'm very happy with it. Battery... moreAfter using my Alcatel 5V for a week, below are my impressions:

1) Design: I like TCL's very different take on exterior design with Alcatel 5V. The 5 series have been their top-of-the-line series for some years now and extra care seems to be applied here for differentiation. Sure it is made of plastic just like all sub $100 budget phones, but this time with flagship grade exterior design. When you hold the phone in hand, it does not feel some stamped parts glued together but rather a single piece carved out of a block. It has design cues of flagships like use of 3D Dragontrail curved glass design over display which gives a seamless look. The glossy back with matte side frames gives the phone a premium vibe for such a low price. On the negative side, the glossy back is a smudge magnet.

2) Display: I love the 6.2 inch, capacitive IPS LCD panel of 5V. With a 19:9 display ratio, the display boasts 16 million colors & 5 point touch, though limited to 720p. The display is covered with a 3D curved Dragontrail glass with oleo-phobic coating which is rare for a budget offering. The display is sharp with good brightness levels and the bezels are kept at a minimum except for the chin area. I hate the notch by the way.

3) Performance (SoC): For the price of ₹6209 ($85, €70), I appreciate the overall performance of the phone. We do not get a fire-breather here but the Mediatek Helio P22 (MT6762) is a very capable chipset to perform day-to-day tasks with performance in the same level of Snapdragon 625. Built upon TSMC 12nm fabrication process, the SoC is very power efficient and it shows. Due to this battery backup is awesome on this phone. Coupled with 3GB LPDDR3 RAM and 32GB eMMC 5.1 internal memory it gets the job done. I found the user available internal memory to be around 28GB, further expandable by 128GB with microSD card.

4) Software: I like TCL's JOY UI used on their Alcatel phones. The software is very stable which is of prime importance, even though with some occasional stutters. The UI is highly customizable and have many useful features built in. I am using a 128GB memory card and total memory consumed has already surpassed 100GB, so stutters are expected with such high volumes of files. Mine was a 2 year old sealed unit, thus running on top of Android 8.1 with Nov, 2018 security patch. It seems no software FOTA updates for the Indian variant (5060J).

5) Modem: Indian units (5060J) are dual SIM dual standby devices; however not a dual 4G device. So primary SIM runs on 4G while the secondary is on 3G. 5060J supports a dozen 4G bands and is 4G VoLTE ready which is a great plus. The 4G data speeds are good (Cat.4) with 150 Mbps download & 50 Mbps upload. Call quality is good with dual microphone noise cancellation and wideband audio (HD Voice) support. Voices heard through earpiece is loud and clear. FM radio is also firmware enabled by default.

6) Connectivity: WiFi is limited to 2.4 Ghz (no 5 Ghz) but range and speeds are good. We also get WiFi direct & WiFi hotspot. I checked both and they are working. Bluetooth is limited to ver.4.2 but the again, range is very good. GPS is working with A-GPS & GLONASS. One big plus is default support for USB-OTG, I did not expected it for such a cheap device but the support for this super handy feature is there.

7) Sensors: Normally on budget phones, the manufactures skip on important sensors to save cost. Not for Alctael 5V as it comes packed with all required sensors. A HUGE plus. The most important of those is fingerprint sensor and it is fast, accurate here and works flawlessly. It can scan & save upto 5 fingerprints in memory and support for a 6th fingerprint is available for the Private Mode. Additionally we get proximity, light, gyro & G-force sensors which are vital. We even have support for E-Compass and the compass app is provided. I have heard the European version (5060D) also gets NFC, which 5060J lacks as here NFC is not so popular.

8) Camera: Camera is never the strong point of any sub $100 phone. The rear camera unit is adorned with a 5P lens, 12MP main sensor supported by a 3P lens, 2MP depth sensor. The main sensor under bright sunlight takes some acceptable pictures with support for PDAF (Phase Detection Auto-Focus) but struggles during night. On the video front it can shoot upto 1080p @ 30fps with EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) which is a big plus. Google Lens is integrated with default camera app which always come in handy. We get the usual Night mode & face beauty features. The front 4P lens, 8MP selfie camera is barely passable and is only good for social media stuff. The default camera app also supports interpolated 13MP & 16MP modes for front & rear to increase megapixel count. To me this is pure cheating. The dual tone LED flash in the rear is a great addition though.

9) Audio: The phone comes with 3.5mm audio jack support and analog audio quality & volume is very good for a sub $100 phone. I use UAPP music app, and the phone by default support native playback of popular audio formats like FLAC, MP3, WAV, WMA, APE, ACC & many others. The internal speaker volume is not impressive enough and falls under below average levels. Would have loved some more volume from the internal speaker.

10) Battery: Battery backup is phenomenal on this device. With a huge 4000 mAh battery it is a true 2 day phone. The frugal Helio P22 SoC consumes very less power from the battery and the lower resolution 720p display also helps to attain astounding battery endurance of a true 2 day phone. The retail box comes with a 10 watts wall charger which takes 2 hours & 13 minutes to completely charge the battery from zero. For my 25% ~ 80% battery charge cycles, it will take the phone just 1 hour to top up with supplied charger. Those will be enough to take me through a day even under heavy usage. Full marks here.

Overall, very satisfied with this phone and will recommend to anyone who is looking for a very balanced phone which ticks almost all boxes but never excels in any. This approach is far better than a phone of same price which excels only in performance but lacking in other important features like fingerprint scanner & important sensors.

Macbeth, 01 Jan 2019This phone is not innovative enoughI don't know what type of innovation you expect from a ₹6209 ($85, €70) phone. At these bargain basement price one should expect the Alcatel 5V to just function properly as advertised, nothing more. Yesterday, I performed battery charging speed test on my 5V.

I must confess I am least bothered about smartphone charging speeds. The recent marketing trend of 100 watt chargers by Chinese manufacturers, and the artificially created hype around it does not make any sense to me. I know manufacturers need something new to sell, and fast charging is one of those marketing tools which creates a lot of hype among consumer minds. Those who understands batteries just knows what havoc fast charging can cause on battery longevity. Let's get it straight, fast chargers are detrimental to battery health. Fast charging is more of a convenience feature in smartphones which comes in the expense of battery longevity. So if you are of "use it then throw it off after 2 years" type, then fast chargers are for you.

Contrary to in-box fast charger expectations by most consumers, I was looking for a good 10 watts wall charger. Very happy to find one with 5V as they are hard to come by in today's ultra fast and battery demolishing chargers. My Poco M2 Pro/ Redmi Note 9 Pro came with a 33 watts wall charger which charged its fully drained 5000 mAh battery to 100% in just in 1 hour 12 mins flat! Packed it up and using a 10 watts charger since.

To me a phone battery should never be charged over 1C charging rate, preferably even lower around 0.8C. The Alcatel 5V's typical battery capacity maybe 4000 mAh, but actual rated capacity should be even lower around 3900 mAh mark. Doing the math:

1C -> 3900 mAh = 3.9Ah = 3.9A * 3.82V = 14.9 watts
0.8C -> 12 watts
0.7C -> 10 watts

My Alcatel 5V is the Indian variant(Model: 5060J) and comes with a tiny 10 watts wall charger. I have never seen such small 10 watts charger before. My objective was to benchmark maximum charging speeds possible with provided wall charger. Hence I completely drained the phone battery to 0% and the phone auto switched off. I also performed the charging tests with the phone switched off to get best possible results.

Alcatel 5V's supplied wall charger:

Manufacturer: DongGuan AoHai Technology Co. Ltd.
Model: A98A-050200U-IN2 (Indian Variant)
Input: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz, 0.35Ah
Output: 5V, 2A = 10 watts

Battery (Typical Capacity) -> 4,000 mAh
USB: micro-USB

Charging times:
0 to 14% -> 560 mAh -> 15 mins
0 to 25% -> 1000 mAh -> 28 mins
0 to 27% -> 1080 mAh -> 30 mins
0 to 41% -> 1640 mAh -> 45 mins
0 to 50% -> 2000 mAh -> 55 mins
0 to 55% -> 2200 mAh -> 60 mins -> 1 hr
0 to 69% -> 2760 mAh -> 75 mins -> 1 hr 15 mins
0 to 75% -> 3000 mAh -> 82 mins -> 1 hr 22 mins
0 to 80% -> 3200 mAh -> 88 mins -> 1 hr 28 mins
0 to 81% -> 3240 mAh -> 90 mins -> 1 hr 30 mins
0 to 85% -> 3400 mAh -> 95 mins -> 1 hr 35 mins
0 to 88% -> 3520 mAh -> 100 mins -> 1 hr 40 mins
0 to 90% -> 3600 mAh -> 103 mins -> 1 hr 43 mins
0 to 91% -> 3640 mAh -> 105 mins -> 1 hr 45 mins
0 to 93% -> 3720 mAh -> 110 mins -> 1 hr 50 mins
0 to 95% -> 3800 mAh -> 113 mins -> 1 hr 53 mins
0 to 97% -> 3880 mAh -> 120 mins -> 2 hrs
0 to 100% -> 4000 mAh -> 133 mins -> 2 hrs 13 mins

In the end I am quite surprised it attained 100% charge from fully drained condition in 2 hours 13 mins when the official time was 2 hours 30 mins. The charging rate remained constant upto 85%, after which trickle charging got enabled to save battery and charging got a lot slower. Personally I avoid deep discharging & also full 100% charging to conserve battery lifespan and number of charge cycles. 25% ~ 80% charge cycles are considered best and I follow this routine most of the time.

In the end I say charging speeds of my Alcatel 5V is respectable with supplied 10 watts charger. For my 25% ~ 80% charge cycles, it will take the phone just 1 hour to top up with supplied charger. That will we enough to take me through a day even under heavy usage.

MMX, 04 Feb 2019It's a very good phone. Pretty fast even at mustitasking, t... moreThe display of Alcatel 5V is amazingly good for its price. For the price of ₹6209 ($85, €70) I paid this is unbelievable.

At 6.2 inch, the 19:9 display may be of 720p resolution, but has no pixel graining issues even with 268 ppi density. The best part is the display is covered with Dragontrail 2.5D glass and has an ole-phobic coating over it. This is flagship stuff at bargain price.

The 5V with its unique & distinctive glossy design, very well finished and good quality display, power efficient Mediatek P22 SoC & big 4000 mAh battery pulls of as a great phone in my eyes. It is different from all other budget offerings in its price segment.

Alas Alcatel/ TCL have stopped making their top of the line 5 series phones since 5V.

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2019I have this phone and it has 4G, which is not displayed her... moreThe Indian bound variant of Alcatel 5V, model 5060J supports below 4G bands:

1) B1 (2100 Mhz)
2) B2 (1900 Mhz)
3) B3 (1800 Mhz)
4) B4 (1700 Mhz)
5) B5 (850 Mhz)
6) B7 (2600 Mhz)
7) B8 (900 Mhz)
8) B13 (700 Mhz)
9) B17 (700 Mhz)
10) B28 (700 Mhz)
11) B66 (1700Mhz)

So the model 5060J model supports 11 (4G) bands, where as the more common 5060D model just 6 (1/3/7/8/20/28). 5060J also supports 4G VoLTE (Voice Over LTE).

Jose, 29 Aug 2020After the latest update. The phone crashes when any app ... moreIt seems like India bound variants of Alcatel 5V (5060J) will never receive any software updates. My phone arrived with below software version:

Model: 5060J
Android Version: 8.1.0
Android security patch level: 05-Nov-2018
Build Number: 01001
Custom Build Version: alps-mp-o1.mp6-V1.25_k62v1.32.bsp_P39

On trying to update through phone, I received NO firmware updates. TCL/Alcatel must have gone for a custom software build in India (ver.8.1.0-01001) to support all necessary 4G bands in my country.

Then I downloaded the "Mobile Upgrade S Gotu2 v5.4.3" software in my PC from website. I wanted to confirm if I can get any update through this but again no luck.

On connecting my phone to PC via an USB cord, the "Mobile Upgrade S Gotu2 v5.4.3" software correctly detected by phone and just showed:

"There is no greater software version available to upgrade your device, actual version of your device is the latest."

This means, there are no higher firmware version available on TCL's Mobile Upgrade servers for upgrading my phone. In the end I am not complaining for the meager price I paid and also the current software version is very stable and smooth in operation.

Robbie, 20 Mar 2019Very good phone but can't connect to my Bluetooth devicesI have no issues connecting all Bluetooth devices with my Alcatel 5V. Connectivity is seamless and we have support for Bluetooth BT4.2 with this device.

After a day of usage, I find the phone to be excellent for a ₹6209 ($85, €70) device. The display, reasonably good performance, battery life & premium design are some attributes that makes this phone special.

Jose, 02 Sep 2020The latest update, Sept 1st, fixed those problems.Can you kindly share, the latest software version & Android security patch you have in your Alcatel 5V?

Something in the below format:
Android Version:
Android security patch level:
Build Number:
Custom Build Version:

Need to know how old the Indian software versions are running. Thanks in advance!!!

Ric, 21 Sep 2018I just saw this phone at a store and it looks and feels gor... moreJust received my Alcatel 5V today. Initial impressions are extremely positive for this ₹6209 ($85, €70) device. The device in black color looks very premium, more like a high end device. However the phone exterior is completely made out of shiny plastic, making it extremely light to hold. As found out from retail box, MRP of this device was initially set to ₹16K ($220, €180) in India.

The phone as predicted is manufactured by TCL, who manufacturers all Alcatel phones under brand license from Nokia. Nokia is the owner of Alcatel-Lucent and thus the Alctael brand name owner.

It is strange, but 5V's destined for India are directly imported from China rather being assembled in India. Almost all high volume manufacturers assemble in India due to high import duties. But those models which manufacturers predicts will sell less gets directly imported. Like my Meizu 16th (Meizu 16 in China) or Honor 9X Pro (Global variant). I think the main reason why TCL imported these units is due to non existent marketing and thus no Alcatel brand recognition in our country. Hence they were expecting low sales volume.

These are some one year old units dating back to Jan, 2019. Battery as such was completely depleted and needed to be charged before setting up the phone. Indian units comes in only one memory configuration (3/32 GB) and for this dirt cheap price, I bought one at a heartbeat.

The phone arrived with below software version:

Model: 5060J
Android Version: 8.1.0
Android security patch level: 05-Nov-2018
Build Number: 01001
Custom Build Version: alps-mp-o1.mp6-V1.25_k62v1.32.bsp_P39

On trying, I received NO firmware updates. So it seems TCL have gone for a custom software build in India (ver.8.1.0-01001) which may not receive any further updates. Maybe for local 4G carrier support. I am dealing with a 2 year old software build, but I am liking Alctael's JOY UI overlay over Android. Pretty impressed with this device, will provide further updates on using it for a day or two.

Alcatelholic, 19 Jul 2018Why no 4gig ram and 64g rom variant?Alcatel 5V comes in only one memory configuration. It was one of the first few phones that came with Mediatek Helio P22 (MT6762) SoC built upon TSMC 12nm fabrication node.

Mediatek's all latest well known 4G SoCs are built on this node starting from P22 all the way to G95. It is of no wonder P22 is a power efficient SoC, good enough to perform day to day tasks. Just don't expect heavy gaming.

The Helio P22 comes coupled with 3GB LPDDR3 RAM & 32GB eMMC 5.1 internal memory on this phone. There is an option to further expand the memory by 128GB using a memory card.

sa66, 30 Aug 2018No 4G ? Alcatel 5V does support 4G bands in India. It is a dual SIM device where primary SIM will run in 4G, while the other runs on 3G. So it is not a dual 4G phone.

In India, 5V also supports 4G VoLTE as used by Jio Telecom. Vi (Vodafone Idea) & Airtel also runs just fine with 4G.

JNpattambi, 04 Oct 2018is this in indiaYes, the Alcatel 5V is available in India. I live in the same country and recently bought one. This is my first Alcatel phone.

A few fun facts I discovered:

1) Alcatel-Lucent is a French company
2) In 2004, a subsidiary "Alcatel Mobile Phones" was formed.
3) A Chinese farm "TCL Corporation" had 55% stake on "Alcatel Mobile Phones".
4) In 2005, Alcatel-Lucent sold the rest 45% share of "Alcatel Mobile Phones" to TCL.
5) Now TCL had 100% control on "Alcatel Mobile Phones".
6) In 2015, Nokia bought Alcatel-Lucent.
7) Nokia now have complete rights to Alcatel brand name.
8) Since then Chinese brand TCL, designs & manufacturers phones under "Alcatel " brand license from Nokia.

Complicated, but we are actually buying Chinese phones with a French brand logo. This does not mean the phone is bad in any way.

MMX, 04 Feb 2019It's a very good phone. Pretty fast even at mustitasking, t... moreYesterday picked up an Alcatel 5V as now they are selling dirt cheap in India. Mine is of Black color, I've paid ₹6209 ($85, €70). So in 2 years after your purchase the price fell by 65% from €199 to €70. Love the way smartphone prices deprecates now-a-days. I missed it, but last year this time the phone was available for ₹3800 ($52, €43) during an online sale.

The phone will be reaching home within next few days, will provide initial feedback after I use it for a day.

  • Jose

Jose, 29 Aug 2020After the latest update. The phone crashes when any app ... moreThe latest update, Sept 1st, fixed those problems.

  • Jose

After the latest update.

The phone crashes when any app shows any type of video or gif. It can be from content a friend sends, media showing up on facebook, instagram or twitter EVEN with random adds on google chrome.
I gave up on it and brought a Samsung's.

  • androgc

Angel, 31 Jul 2020After last update (July 2020) the phone crashes Totally agree.

  • Angel

After last update (July 2020) the phone crashes

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know how to enable double tap on screen to wake?

  • Gabi

Good battery , but idol 5s has better specs .

nuj, 07 Sep 2019the loudspeaker sounds terrible, is my phone defective or w... moreWhat is you problem with this model?

the loudspeaker sounds terrible, is my phone defective or what? so disappointing alcatel, international brand, well known, but a quality like this? what happened to you alcatel?