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alcatel A3 XL

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Battery faulty, unable to recharge,,, been long used ,,Urgently require spare battery, could I order for one please?
What the price in USd and Airfreight to KIRIBATI Tarawa, ?
Thank you

I have this phone and I use it in my daily life. I have nothing to complain about, it delivers what it promises, a useful phone with good. cost benefit

Been using Alcatel phones now for around 4 years and I have never been disappointed with the devices. I had the Alcatel Pop 4 first which was a good device to have at first but then I upgraded to this which in my opinion was a great phone with lots of potential. To say it's from the mid range Alcatel line, it's a good phone. Bad news is that it doesn't feature NFC. Next could be Alcatel 5 or 3v

  • Bill

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2017Phablet early impressions. Impressive. Quickish 2g ram her... moreHas it loud sound??

  • Anonymous

Recently bought this phone and am well pleased with it. May not have all the bells and whistles that more expensive phones have, but it's still a pretty decent spec for the price.

  • super dad

27/ 7/18
had the phone for a few months now ! Been great no freezing screens ! battery good !
& now the bad news dropped it few times & made a few dent But screen fine ! i would buy another Alcatel !
looking at the Alcatel 3V for my next phone

  • Anonymous

I buyed the Alcatel A3 Plus, not the XL version (but an opinión will be helpful) the difference are 1 gb ROM, and 5.5 inches. It's my first day using it and in 5 hours my phone it's 50% of battery (3000mah) i need to know if the battery is failing or if this phone drains fast

  • vogomatix

I really want to know why people should buy this phone when the pop 4 (6) aka 7070x has a much better spec at a similar price. i.e. larger battery, octa core and better screen

Some A3 XL also only comes with 1GB of RAM/8GB ROM too.

  • AnonD-734127

Argos is selling the phone, case and screen protector on ebay.

  • TM

Does this phone support wireless charging?

  • Anonymous

Andy_in_Ireland, 24 Jan 2018Hard to get case for this phone with a window in the front ... moreYou can get them on eBay for £14.99, I ordered one yesterday.

  • Andy_in_Ireland

Hard to get case for this phone with a window in the front - even on ebay

  • Liaminit

Gala, 06 Jan 20171 gb ram in 2017? Omg!It 2gb of ram not 1. Learn to read before posting

  • Anonymous

Phablet early impressions. Impressive. Quickish 2g ram here, 6 inch & wide moderate quality screen bigger than s.note but not as clear, 4g lte, 13mp main camera (more like 7 really), fairly good battery life, cheap, whats not to like

  • korakisa

AnonD-2214, 17 Nov 2017am having awful trouble rooting this phone, and i need to r... moreTry find this program

  • korakisa

Andy_in_Ireland, 17 Nov 2017it does - a tiny white pulsing light on front right hand si... moreThanks for info .Does the phone have compass ? Info from some market note have.

  • AnonD-2214

am having awful trouble rooting this phone, and i need to root it to freeze some of the apps. So far i have tried Kingroot, Kingoroot, towelroot and framaroot - none working for me , anyone sucessfully rooted this phone yet?

  • Andy_in_Ireland

korakisa, 11 Nov 2017does the phone have led notification ?it does - a tiny white pulsing light on front right hand side of phone near earpiece - you can also download front and back notification from play store and it will use the front LED flash as a notification of missed call or text or app notification - no chance of missed notifications when that flashes!!

  • korakisa

does the phone have led notification ?

  • Alcatel

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Dis fone suports folloing languageess: Hindi and Inglish.