alcatel A5 LED

alcatel A5 LED

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I have a phone for 100 euros and i runs much smoother andbigger screen , better camera

  • bjbish

For what it cost to buy it is a great phone, Runs much smoother than many of the higher branded android phones i have owned

  • juttedace

it is great, but i will buy lg g5

  • AnonD-722857

best phone but the battery only lasts 9 hrs so u have to use a battery charger out and about

  • svqlacha69

This is the worst thing that you can ever buy! Didn't do mistake! хД

  • Zoltan

Do not ever buy this horrible thing. There is a factory installed app on it, called File Manager, which is not only a file manager but some similar to those annoying cleaning apps which want to speed your phone up all the time like power cleaner and such things, and asking you to download additional apps to keep viruses away and all that. Once it downloads its latest version from google play, it will start eating up your data in the background. Moreover it starts sending you annoying notifications and ads unstoppable. It is cannot be deleted and disabled ofcourse. Nothing you can do. Once you figured out where to switch the notifications off it will switch back itself on in few days don't worry. But the biggest problem is, this software has done nearly 2 gbytes data transfer in the background without my consent and knowledge, causing me extra payment on my phone bill over my data allowance. Only realized this after using this phone for a few days when I had text messages saying I will run out if data so I started browsing data usage statistics in applications menu. Needless to say the first thing I done after this is returning the phone and asking for a refund. The app also has been reported on google play as a malicious software and email has been sent to the developer. Keep out of this terrible thing.

  • mr smith

dimi, 31 Jul 2017Amazing phoneee. Have it for 1 week allready and works perfect. ... morehow long does the battery last? with the led active, compared to not having the led active?

  • dimi

Amazing phoneee. Have it for 1 week allready and works perfect. Everything is so good. Even battery and camera are better than i expected. I reccomend it for sure.

  • Anonymous

I am thinking to buy Alcatel a5 can u tell about battery backup n camera

  • Arian Adler

salar@ir, 28 Feb 2017I love the led on the back but i hate mediatek chipset why? Very... moreCan you give me fact and evidence?
I guess you're wrong

evidence: my cheap android phone with MT6582! No virus, no lags and no any issue!

  • salar@ir

I love the led on the back but i hate mediatek chipset why? Very easy viruses can f**k your devices....