alcatel Go Flip 3

alcatel Go Flip 3

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  • Farid Gazi
  • cTI
  • 29 Mar 2022

Is this set available in Bangladesh?

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    • Anonymous
    • 7Xj
    • 15 Mar 2022

    Anonymous, 01 Jan 2022What's the difference between Alcatel & TCL? Or ar... moreAlcatel is owned by TCL Technology (and Nokia)

      Is this the 4052R?

      This really does not have GPS ability?

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        • boyukang
        • tmR
        • 15 Feb 2022

        Anonymous, 01 Jan 2022What's the difference between Alcatel & TCL? Or ar... moreyes,They are the same manufacturer! TCL Holding Alcatel

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          • Anonymous
          • P@c
          • 01 Jan 2022

          What's the difference between Alcatel & TCL? Or are they the same manufacturer?

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            • JENN
            • h8T
            • 16 Dec 2021

            so freaking hackable

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              • joe
              • vxs
              • 19 Nov 2021

              how can i uninstall youtube applivcation

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                • Just Why
                • g%e
                • 26 Sep 2021

                You can search by band, but you can't actually SEE the bands the phone supports?

                Why is every single phone website in the entire world designed to prevent us from finding compatible phones?! I'm ready to tear my hair out! This won't force me to buy from carriers -- it'll stop me from buying altogether. Which is the decision I'm about to make!

                  Does anyone know if this phone will get the KaiOS 3.0 upgrade?


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                    • Mega Solutions Ltd
                    • Nu7
                    • 02 Aug 2021

                    The hotspot is not working. If that can be fixed, then I can buy one million pieces.

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                      • osang
                      • PD8
                      • 03 May 2021

                      Anonymous, 23 Apr 2021Is this touchscreen?No. KaiOS doesn't use touchscreen.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • utX
                        • 23 Apr 2021

                        Is this touchscreen?

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                          • Someone
                          • C50
                          • 17 Mar 2021

                          John Wain, 18 Jan 2021Hi. Are keypads of Alcatel go flip( or all Alcatel flip pho... moreThis specific phone has a keypad made of a weird plasticy rubber (it feels and is rubber though).

                            Flip phone made in 2019? Well, at least it has a screen

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                              • yeah
                              • qaR
                              • 21 Jan 2021

                              Yes bare bones phone like the G3 only make it a G4. So simple yet so overlooked.

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                                • John Wain
                                • rrH
                                • 18 Jan 2021

                                Hi. Are keypads of Alcatel go flip( or all Alcatel flip phones) made of plastic or rubber?

                                  Would anyone recommend this phone for a person just wanting to have a go at a flip phone for everyday use? Since I don't really do much on my except reading comics (which kind of gets in the way of my school work hehe), I figured I'm better off using a flip phone so I can actually start studying properly since that would get rid of the distractions. I'm debating whether I should get this or maybe the Nokia 2720. Thanks!

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                                    • Exlaxchronicles
                                    • xGb
                                    • 12 Dec 2020

                                    JoshuaReen, 20 Oct 2020Recently I've been seeing modern feature phones with t... moreYou go to their Kaos app store online and they have a basic selection of a fair number of retro style games to download.

                                      Recently I've been seeing modern feature phones with this KaiOS operating system. Why do feature phone manufacturers choose this? It doesn't even support j2me. How can you download games on it?

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                                        • Adul Al Salami Kebab
                                        • nrX
                                        • 13 Oct 2020

                                        SA Woodlawn, 10 Oct 2020The funny thing is that all that social media bloat is just... moreThis device comes with many services needed in the modern world, its no smartphone but it makes a social media device for messenger & whatsapp etc etc. :)

                                        But I feel sorry for old people buying this abomination hoping it will be a Nokia 3310 levels of easy but instead its nearly as complex to use for them as a smartphone! :(