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It's just too big with those bezels.

  • Anonymous

available in europe?

  • Alino

Please, the screen of my Alcatel Hero is broken and now unresponsive. Please, where can I get another screen?

  • pane

AnonD-507850, 26 Feb 2016Hi, Since yesterday my Alcatel Hero has been turning off. I... more
This means that you do not put back cover tightly , so first put on the side where the power button and make sure that the lid does not accidentally pressing power button, so the phone is switching off

  • AnonD-507850

Hi, Since yesterday my Alcatel Hero has been turning off. If i take off the back cover the phone works fine, but when i put it on, the screen freezes and the phone turns off.
Anyine with that problem?

  • B&H

magic flip cover does not work properly ! some time work, sometime no!? shit !!!

  • NewrllJnr

The Alcatel hero is definitely 1 of the best smart phones on the market... Battery life is excellent and the speaker is awesome. The magic flip works superbly and has been working well from the day I bought the device. I would definitely rec comment this device to anyone...

  • AnonD-482429

I have been using it for about a year now. It works today exactlly as the first day I turned it on. For about 13 months of use it has never lagged or stopped. For me the best value for money. Alcatel did a great job and I would recommend this phone to anybody honestly.

  • AnonD-480716

Thanks but i try many times to restart and reattach magic flip and still not work... Someone write maybe is problem with motherboard... i go in service and they tell me cant fix it no one other have that problem...

When I bought this phone, magic flip was not working. I've removed and reattach magic flip several times, rebooted phone, tried many things. Then suddenly it started working, and now it works without any problem. Magic flip only works with built-in music player. Attach magic flip, make sure it's enabled from status bar. Then play a music in default music player. Close the flip, you should see a beautiful led animation. You'll also see miss-call, sms notification. Pressing power button will show you time.

  • AnonD-480716

Did someone fix problem with LED magic flip on Alcatel Hero? My phone regonize flip cover but his LED lighting dont work when i turn ON... sistem version is 4.2.2-01001

  • Ryn

virgz, 26 Oct 2015im having the same problem, i have a nee handset with a mag... moreAre you from the phil? You neer to go to alcatels center and have it replaced.possible problem with motherboard

  • virgz

Carlo, 01 May 2015Why does my Magic Flip is not working?? I just bought it la... moreim having the same problem, i have a nee handset with a magic flip but the magic flio doesnt seem to work. i have set it on and nothing seems to happen. how to make it work? can anyone help pls

nic, 17 Sep 2015i've had this phone for close to a year now. It has given m... moreYou can check for an update with "Mobile Upgrade S 4.0.6" tool, which you can download from alcatel's website. I got the latest update with build no. 01004 which is very stable. Please make sure to backup your data before update.

  • nic

i've had this phone for close to a year now. It has given me so much problems in the last 9 months. It has an insane amount of viruses, it lags, it shuts down, it constantly downloads applications that i can't get rid off. In the process it uses up my data. I can barely use it now because there are so much pop up ads that won't go away. I have reset and reformat it countless times but it still has the same problem.

Any ideas?

Rocky, 03 Sep 2015Thanks for your review. Btw, what is the function of sideki... moreSidekick is a small bluetooth handset. It doesn't have any sim option, only bluetooth. Using sidekick, you can dial n receive calls, read/send sms and can use phone book from your alcatel hero over bluetooth; that means you don't have to take your big handset out from your pocket to use these functions while driving or in an uncomfortable position. In short, you carry a big handset with all the conveniences of a small handset.

  • Rocky

Morshed, 01 Sep 2015Bought this mobile 3 days back. I bought the package which ... moreThanks for your review. Btw, what is the function of sidekick Bluetooth?

Bought this mobile 3 days back. I bought the package which includes Magic-flip cover and Sidekick bluetooth device. In my opinion -

* The most attractive part is the Magic-flip cover. LED display on this flip cover looks really awesome.
* Build quality seems very good and sturdy. I liked the smooth matte body-finish. It feels good in hand and it doesn't look cheap.
* LCD display quality is also very good with a very good resolution. But video quality is no where near my Sony phone which has Bravia engine.
* Sound quality is impressive with good quality players, it can produce very rich bass.
* Quality of Mic and Ear-piece are very good. No issue with network signals.
* Sidekick bluetooth device is a very nice and useful thing.
* Very good battery backup.

* Mediatek processor is a bad choice for this mobile. It's not smooth like a qualcomm or atom processor. Games are laggy, though it has 2GB RAM. Desktop interface animations are laggy too.
* No option for SD card in dual-sim model.
* Camera quality is not so good.
* Accessories like glass-screen protector, back-cover are not widely available in market.

  • Anonymous

ALLAN, 14 Apr 2015i love this phone, high speed, nice applications etc. only ... moreincrease the exposure of camera settings

  • m

does this phone have a wireless charger?