alcatel Idol 2 Mini

alcatel Idol 2 Mini

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  • Tata

Vrry poor modrl - look at thr trxt, it ia how ita kryboard working %(no rratart, nothing hrlpa, changr of glass did not help. Also yellow spot appeared on thr screen and no way to get rid of it.
(only in gorisontal mode it is possible to type, but some screens like contacts have no gorisontal mode, and it is a great problem to type in contacts)

  • Acaduc

Useless. No connectivity in a large building and data connectivity is forever on E

  • Rigersi

Pam, 12 Mar 2016Still no update to Kitkat 4.4 Yes there is a way how to install 4.4.2 (custom firmware) write me to
if you need help how to install that firmware.

  • Pam

Maddy, 20 Sep 2015It says: Android OS, v4.3 (Jelly Bean), upgradable to v4.4 ... moreStill no update to Kitkat 4.4

  • Great Phone.

I have it for almost three months and its working great.
the only thing is about the frontal camera is not that good, I mean photos and videos look darks, but the main camera its great.

  • Anonymous

I buy one only a week have to take it back to the dealer whenever using the data on it continuously shutting and it don't ring any at all even tho you can listen the music from the phone but wifi works well with it

  • Maddy

It says: Android OS, v4.3 (Jelly Bean), upgradable to v4.4 (KitKat) but there is no upgrade available and no instruction whatsoever!
Good support form Alcatel!

  • George

Thanks for comments! I was just about to go to the store and buy this fone!

  • Anonymous

Alcatel support address: :) :) :)
Shenzhen Headquarters
15/F, TCL Tower, Gaoxin Nanyi Road Nanshan District, Shenzhen Guangdong, P.R. China 518057 Tel (86) (755) 3331 3000

Good luck! :) :) :)

  • Marlon

Paid $1100.00 TT for this piece of shit in a mall in port of Spain. the phone is Beautifully built but the specs is Crap the gps don't work the WIFI gives trouble ,the phone hangs and LAGS alot and trust me don't try to game on this device . I mean which sick mother would put a 512 chip in a phone in this modern times the box says upgrades to kitkat. HA. and don't talk about the battery it is the worst . the bottom line is there is no way to Upgrade this phone No support from the company .Put a few Dollars more and buy the Samsung S4 mini similar built and way better Specs

  • Phonett

I could just fling this piece of garbage. How did i get fool into buying this phone
512mb ram in this day and age

  • Ghanem

eng.mahmoud kromp, 26 May 2015I've been using this mob for 7 months and i can sum up ever... moreThank you for your great information I'll not buy it I'll buy lg G2 mini

  • Paradox2

Hello ,I am buying new smartpfone in few day's and I don't know which one to buy .. Huawei 620s ,Idol mini 2 or Lg l Fino ... If you know which phone is the best , help me chose it

  • AnonD-406727

CPUZ say:

Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, 4X Cortex-A7 @1.2 Ghz
Adreno 305, 240 dpi, 960x540.

model 6016A

please admin update info.

  • hi

i have it for one week now and its working fine for me .i have downloaded a lot of apps but it isnt getting slower or stuck. considering the low price i wasn`t expecting it .my samsung broke down so i had to get a smartphone right away .honestly i am happy with it and i would fully recommend it.i will be keeping it for a while anyway :p

  • eng.mahmoud kromp

I've been using this mob for 7 months and i can sum up every thing as following :
1- no kitkat any more ! Stuck on 4.3 jeallybean with ugly ui and no custmers support.
2-very bad battary it take 4 hrs to go frm 100% to 0% using whatsap only (wifi,bluetooth,gps are off)
3-it take too long time to boot every time
4- gps doesnot work ! It show me in the next city of me ( 45 km away)!
5-u can ues only 2 giga of th 4 internal memory so no large apps!
6- no gaming at all .. gaming=loseing the power in few mints
7-finshing of the back goes one month after fair using
8-no kitkat again !
9- no custom rooms
10- locked system cant change line type or icon or themes
11- the ram look like 740mb not 1g
12-no 4g support
In short :
do not waste your money in this phone!

  • dad

Anonymous, 03 Feb 2015I want to buy this mobile phone. Am I macking a big mistake... moreyes it is an awsome phone my battery last for 4days and my gps,bluetooth and wifi works very well it also runs heavy games and camera works good too.

  • Yassin

I need an answer to this question:Is this phone may be an exellent smart phone?Please help me out piking a cheap and a good smart phone :)

  • Nono

great phone for low Price, yesterday accidantally it falls to ice bucket and it was wáter on it, and still Works perfectly jajajaj

  • Anonymous

Guest, 09 Mar 2015Hi, I'm thinking of buying a new phone, anyone who knows ab... moreThey must use some poor quality components inside which consume a lot. Despite the fact that the battery seems quite decent in specifications it does not last long at all (maximum 5 hours when activating one of the big consumers: wifi, gps, bluetooth).
For a phone it might be ok; for a smartphone: forget it.