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  • Anonymous

Why is my alcatel one touch Pixi tablet tells me that I can't install apps and free space but it has a lot of space what I only have is google apps, youtube and the other apps that are with the tablet. I even used a SD card and set it on to default storage to put more space I tried downloading an app. And it said free up space. I have no installed apps, I cleared all cache and the miscellaneous files. Something is totally wrong and I am frustrated about it. Can someone please do something about it. I don't even use this tablet anymore because of it's storage problem. No one wants a gadget that can't install apps right? . I hope that this problem will be fixed soon.

  • Help

Ritah, 21 Aug 2019My phone just displays Alcatel one touch and it stops thereMe too!!

  • Just Stuff

beth, 15 Feb 2020i had to use this phone for a week because my normal phone broke... moreOh my god, exactly the same thing here, I went from an iPhone 6S+ to this one touch pi I thingy and it’s so bad I can’t even turn it on. Please explain how it works to me oh god.

  • beth

i had to use this phone for a week because my normal phone broke and god was it hard to bear. if you only need it for calling it does the job but my friend sounded like she was yelling and the audio quality was bad. texting also hard because to my knowledge i couldn't turn off auto correct (by no means am i saying there isn't a way but i couldn't find one) and the keyboard/phone screen was so tiny that you'd end up typing random emojis or letters mid-message. the browsers were also incredibly outdated and the general interface was very nice-looking or recent. an example would be a lot of outdated icons for the playstore. it has the bare basics but i wouldn't use it unless i had no choice

  • clint

works fine for talk and text. not worth a darn for anything else.

i have such a great deal with minutes with it via tracfone that i hope i can change the battery whenever it wears out.

  • Mr.menZon

Ritah, 21 Aug 2019My phone just displays Alcatel one touch and it stops therestill i have the problem of it displaying "one touch pixi and stops there "so what can I do?

  • Ritah

My phone just displays Alcatel one touch and it stops there

  • gee dee

I have been using the Alcatel pixie for years and have had no problems at all, from Australia I send messages to the Philippines and also speak to them regularly,it is by far the best phone I have ever used, far better than the motorola

  • Anonymous

I bought my one touch Pixi from Fiji Islands and now I am in Sri Lanka where there is no agents or service providers for the brand. How can I get the country lock removed and activate my mobile to use in Sri Lanka

  • pete

yes we all agree with each other my alcatel is useless batterys no good, the company doesn't want to know you, i am ringing up accc about it hope you all do as well

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2018my alcatel Pixi 4 is just frustrating! the battery life last for... moreSame had my phone 1month and the battery life is terrible, phone always crashes, randomly turns itself off and on, freezes more times then I've actually used it, my advice to anyone wanting this phone, do not purchase

  • Anonymous

my alcatel Pixi 4 is just frustrating! the battery life last for less than two hours i have to always carry a power bank or charger. av had the phone for a few months now and the experience is terrible!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2017Go buy a phone then.. stop getting free ones from the government... moreFu some people are on SS and can't afford a phone I hope one day your dumb ass has to be sent one of these pos

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 May 2017The Phone that was Designed not to Work: Okay, where to begin... moreGo buy a phone then.. stop getting free ones from the government.. using the lifeline program. You get what you pay for and you paid nothing

  • ken

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2015How to delete google play store ? It keeps coming up and it is... moreHow to deal with parsing errors

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2016I feel your pain. I too was given one of these pixi phones. I ha... moreAlcatel phones: avoid all of them. They are crap.

  • anouymous

Alcatel one touch pixi glory QVC 3xs 4 life. Company does not honor and has a different story exp. " Bought wrong card." Hard reset etc. etc. Sent 2nd sim before 1 week up. Had no record and or history of transactions. Tracephone

  • Lulu

This is without doubt the worst mobile phone I have ever possessed. It has a mind of its own and the answer/hang up function is downright stupid. I am only able to answer about one in every ten calls I receive. When I try to disconnect after leaving someone a message it just ignores me. I have to shut down completely to do this. I definitely would not recommend this phone to anyone.

  • Anonymous

The Phone that was Designed not to Work:

Okay, where to begin. Have you ever bought something so bad you'd almost swear it was on purpose? If you haven't, don't do it now! I first got it thinking, "finally a smart phone that is affordable with a pay-go plan that I'm not a monthly slave to!" How misguided my enthusiasm was, I basically bought a paper weight. The whole way the thing is set up is convoluted and not intuitive and user friendly at all, it took me about a month to figure out the awkward set up unlike the Galaxy which is easy to use and seamless. Second of all, many apps aren't compatible with this device so you can't get them. If you want to download something that doesn't already come with the thing, good luck, chances are it won't work. It also is crap if you want to use the internet, the setup for browsing and using social media is primitive and clunky. You cannot simply block any calls or texts from solicitors, you have to call service and go through their system... so I'd get junk calls and texts nonstop despite having a brand new number and there was nothing I could do about it. Most importantly, after only three months of owning it the whole screen and bottom icons stopped responding to touch making it completely unusable! No calls could be taken... it couldn't even be turned off. I had to wait for the battery to run down and then recharge to get the screen to work again, and that even doesn't always work, it would go back to not working. Obviously the thing is not only incompatible with even the most basic apps out there but its functionally defective and broke down before I ever even had a chance to drop it. I don't know what cheap knockoff technology they used but whatever it is it barely works, my advice would be to pass on this phone and buy something a bit better. This is a throwaway and replace device if ever there was one.

  • Tlwhite

zachatack, 11 Feb 2017Same im having the same exact problem my phone freezes like 6 to... moreMy phone sucks also, keeps telling me I have low storage, won't lete move apps to my SD card, says not enough memory, my card has 3.25 GB remaining. The screen freezes up all the time half the time I can't get it to come on