alcatel One Touch Star

alcatel One Touch Star

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  • lameroid

I bought this smartphone for my female friend's birthday five years ago. It was a used device, but (although she got another phone for her next birthday) she still enjoyed it very much.
Of course today this phone is outrageously dated, given that it's almost decade old it should make sense.

  • NotAChance

lincoln, 07 Jul 2015Is it possible to update my software from jelly bin 4.1to a... moreLol absolutely not. Even in the year you posted, this phone was outdated, even for a budget phone.

  • AnonD-729997

It's cute!

The design? The OS? The battery? The camera? The screen size? They're cute at lot!

  • pavlinski

I've had this phone for almost 4 years lol. Great phone, all i've done on it is changing the original 1500mah battery with the similar one 1650mah from Alcatel OT993. Sensible extra power from the new one. Not realy good at gaming (low memory only 512mb RAM).

This was my first Android phone and I was hooked to the Android eco system, before that I was a Nokia fan,but android has a lot more to offer you, it was a great little phone

  • Anonymous

Rabbi , 19 Aug 2016Hello friends i have Alcatel one touch star 6010D . I have... moredo factory data reset , but first copy all your files (pict,mp3,vid,etc) to your pc or sd card ,then remove sd card and reset the phone

  • Anonymous

AnonD-570971, 11 Aug 2016This phone seems good at first because overall the features... moreFrantzeska replace the battery with new one and problem will gone

  • Rabbi

Hello friends i have Alcatel one touch star 6010D .
I have problems with network. because my phone few days cannot continue saportet network ...please any solution to solve problem.

  • AnonD-570971

This phone seems good at first because overall the features it has are nice... but after a month of usage it starts overheating and the battery life falls to minimum. The only reason I am still using it is because my best friend bought it for me, perhaps buying a new battery would help but this shouldn't be a problem for a brand new phone.

  • vishal vadher

lkj, 12 Feb 2014There should be in settings,part named battery and in it cp... moreHello friends i have Alcatel one touch star 6010x .
I have problems with ram because my phone is too hang ... any solution to solve problem.

  • aileen

Battery heats up badly

  • AnonD-553983

the one touch idol 3 is junk...really really short life and the octo core processor can't handle its tiny little life and over heats ... you will have a cpl more days then...FN reboot reboot reboot loop until it fries....F tards they put this on the market knowing it would happen....

  • Del

All in all its a good phone but it gets hot sometimes and Facebook is very slow on it and it often crashed on other apps but for £50 brand new I can't complain gets the job done the end

  • Ognjen

Karelix, 11 Oct 2015This must be the worst pice of s**t ever. Display is OK, ev... moreOh i did, i took an axe to it and bought myself a proper phone

  • AnonD-493216

can i unlock my Alcatel one touch star moblie on the computer coz it lock in the pattern screen lock which i can manage to unlock


I have a problem device does not want to work and back again to operating mode

  • Karelix

This must be the worst pice of s**t ever. Display is OK, everything else just makes you wanna take a hammer and...

  • Christine

This phone is the abosoloute worst phone I have ever owned in my entire lif . It was suggested to me by one of the employees at metro PCs, and evrr since I got the phone, I have experienced not on good thing about it. The camera quality is horrific. The inside camera is very zoomed in, dark, and grainy. The outside camera let's in a lot of light, but the photos are so terribl . I've experienced so many call drops and frustration in trying to call people. Even after updates, and scans for viruses, I have not seen any improvement in this phon . When I try to download an app, it stops at 93% and never downloads. I would not suggest this phone to my worst enemy. Please, do not give the company money to make more of these sad excuses for a phone. Spend a little extra money, and go get a Samsung.

  • Anonymous

srini, 21 Dec 2014Iam using the phone for 1 year now. The phone is not connec... morePerhaps your home router can handle a limited numer of devices ... try to disconnect same of them and then attempt to connect with the phone

  • Anonymous

If u can use this shit u can use anything on earth.. poor camera quality, over heating, battry issue, flucting internet and call drops