alcatel OT 153

alcatel OT 153

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  • Anonymous

this phone is ok BUT flips r better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

i can`t download ringtones from is the only problem

  • Belal Gamal

I am egyption. i have alcatel OT153. it is very wonderful&its price very suitabel.but i have one problem Aii picture disappeared sudenlly.

  • Raja Alhaj

It has one problem... The ring tones are very very very very undescribably low! Old Alcatel phones had the loudest ring you can imagine, but i have never seen a phone which such low ring tones even when on full volume!!

  • Irshad Bhai

I'm loving it!

  • raja alhaj

Best Phone ive used in my life! Battery life is too short though.. but as usual, always good products from alcatel! Keep up the good work!! Love your products! Thank you from all my heart for them! : ' )

  • beber

As this phone is not wap I wonder how polyphonic ringtones could be downloaded (by sms, tricky).
Mini price implies mini specs, even nok1110 is wap enabled...

  • M. Janssen

I would like to download ringtones too but I don't know how and where...

  • b99

My unit has no T9.

  • THuNd3R

This is a good phone but i need a PC suite for it... could someone give me a link or the program.... please help

  • anneke

i live in the netherlands and i have problems white my ringtones , it isn't working how can it

  • Simbarashe Garapo

I tried to download a ringtone from the internet a few days ago and I couldn't so I'm now wondering if this means that my phone is not WAP compatible or maybe there is a specific way in which this is done.Plase help me before I put some claims against Alcatel.

  • Faruque

Last week I purchased Alcatel OT 153. It looks stylist. I got two problems: 1) Ring tone sound is low even I set volume level full and 2) It is not user friendly.

  • Arijit wagh

Could I Download ring tones On this phone

  • Charissa

Does anyone else have a problem with it I love the phone & the features don't get me wrong but from the very first day it didn't send all my txt's to people - and just recently i found it hadn't recieved some either. Someone else from my work may have the same problem with the alcatal 565 & she's just checking her contacts tonight. And just so you kno i kno it's not my sim card cuz that works on other phones

  • Adrian Jugaru

I just bought the OT 153 and I must say it's pretty good.The price is very low and the features are acceptable.

  • Iustina

can anyone tell me if the sound can be put off without rejecting an incoming call by pressing the "c" button like in older alcatel phones?

  • Lize-Mari van der gr

I would love to have this phone. Alcatel phones are very good quility... Please let me know when it's out.

  • Anonymous

its a copy of SE r600..

  • noga

what a great idea alcatel!
a very simple phone for a mini price!
69 maximum!!!!!
very good for those who only wanna call and receive calls!