alcatel OT 332

alcatel OT 332

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  • AnonD-317944

I see that this was the first cell phone for a lot of people, thats also my case. My parents bought it to me when I was in high school, maybe it wasn't the best phone at that time but it lasted me for 4 years. I think it still works but I lost the charger. My thoughts about this phone is that it was extremely resistant, the battery lasts for days or even an entire week thats was awesome. Well in those years almost all phones had a great battery life. I always wanted to upload another images to use as wallpapers but I never figured out how to do it. Now i know that is impossible due to the phone limitations. I used it until the numbers in the keys vanished away then I fin out that I needed a new phone and the Nokia 6131 came. I can't say that any of my previous phone was the best that I had because the best phone I ever had is always the last I bought but the 332 will always be the most memorable just because it connected me with people that I used to love, with people that I will always love and because... heck it survived a fall from four stories high thats freaking amazing.

  • Pedro

Alcatel had exlent products very easy to use only with 3 bottons can do every thing not 5 or 6 like news phones one for each thing. But the lifespan of altacel is very short had 3 with litle use and last only 4 years.

  • Welton

Really is a nice phone...
PM me for those who feel want purchase this phone from me :)

  • ruri

I have bought secondly this phone today

Amazing, a lot of memories of this brand phone Alcatel since 2004. and still works now (the battery works without trouble) High Quality Alcatel

  • Christiaan

I have seriously had this phone since release in 2003, it's in my pocket right now, still working but i need replacement now ;p but it lasted 5 years without any problems, last 2 years i went using it intesivly but now it's discontinued i wish i could just buy the same one again! oh well it will always be my favourite phone!

  • samsung>nokia

this fone is very strong.. this is my first fone and it lasted me more than a year with no problems... good work alcatel! :)

  • Anonymous

The best phone I've ever had XD
I've dropped it a hundred times and it's still fine.

  • Anonymous

in an year i had one of these and is solid like a rock

  • Anonymous

This phone was my first phone.I got it when i was 8 years old in 2003 and it's still working

  • fil

NOKIA 3310
Alcatel OT332 /-----------\
-------------/ 1 \ ???????
2 \-----------

  • Cosmin

My second phone. Verry bad it fell once of my lap and the display broke.

  • undin 2

undinz uzta????

  • undin 2

muzta ka na undin???

  • undin01

mga undin la lang di ko na kayu mramdaman...
binibisita nio pa ba to ?!!di na ata e.. kayu talaga .. mishu ol...

  • undin 2

lipat tau sa blk. 6 pra tabi tau until 6 kp nmn db?txbk

  • undin01

undin02 dito ko qm side may mga broken dito

  • undin2

mga undinz reply nman qng san kau nkapwes2 ta2be aq s inyo..undin02

  • undin01

si undin 02 pinaghahanap ng mga pulis

  • undin05

3x ata isang 6pm

  • undin01

undin05 ilan ot mu ngayong week?