alcatel OT-505

alcatel OT-505

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  • shorty

Bought this as an emergency phone for my wife only problem the unlock function wont stay unlocked

  • warrior

please help me to get network key of OT 505.thax

  • Harold

Hi big problem with this phone is that it beeps way too much. It emits a very loud beep when you turn off the lock and do other basic functions. There is no way to remove the beep is to disable the ringtones by switching the "mode" to silent or vibrate in the profile menu. If you set it to vibrate then it still beeps, but it's a much lower beep (the vibration feature on this phone is very weak and it sounds like a beep).

Does anyone know how to turn off this beep?

Otherwise it would be a good phone. Unfortunately with this problem it is pretty much useless.

You can set it to vibrate

  • 12345lolo

why can;t i get that theme which is on the picture? instead i just have headfones..... please reply.

  • mohamed

earphone's sound is good if you are setting in quiet place but if you are in car or in loud place it seems weak ...

  • mona

AnonD-20285, 01 Sep 2011I just get this phone today the 1/09/11 and for basic use music,... morepls jojo, is the volume sound of earphone high or low??

  • mohammd

help me to go to internet???????

  • AnonD-20285

I just get this phone today the 1/09/11 and for basic use music, photo, radio it is a good choice. The headphone sound is correct and powerful for the rest it depend of U.

  • ghonaim

please help me : when i log in to internet message appear for me " not enough memory " ... any website !! any one can help me ??

  • Anonymous

for a price this low...i think that this is a cool phone,its got an mp3 player for the times that you're bored and a camera as well for the times you forget your camera at home...pretty good stuff Alcatel

  • moishin


  • ghonaim

excelent phone with loud sound
go for alcatel ot-505

  • Anonymous

Sorry guys (and girls), but you're making fun of a (in my country) 14 Euro phone! In some bars you even can't have a single drink for this money. It's very, VERY good phone for this kind of money.

  • caezar

hey...i cant find the blue tooth connectivity.. where can i find this?

  • karim

i forget my lock code what can i da ?

  • thunder

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2010How do you set up the phone to show an incoming phone number; wh... moreType the full address code. For example, +381 11 123456 !

  • ed

AlcatelCEO, 27 Nov 2010Yes, this phone plays and records HD quality has a xen... moremine can play bluray discs.

  • Danutz Nastase

dieire76, 01 Nov 2010Can you help me? I can't contact my ot-505 to my pcYes, I can. You can't connect this phone to your computer through the USB cable. The specifications are very clear: the USB cable can be used only for charging. You should read with more attention the specifications. I suggest you to try to use the bluetooth to connect the phone to the computer. Or try to connect the card through a card reader.

  • AlcatelCEO

Yes, this phone plays and records HD quality has a xenon flashlight btw

  • Samir

Peter, 01 Oct 2010No, there's no flashlight on my 505x. Apart from that, I really... moreGo to home and keep pressing on 5 and see the magic :D