alcatel OT-606 One Touch CHAT

alcatel OT-606 One Touch CHAT

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  • Anonymous

a good phone just one prob with it the calender only
on one line how to change it back to full screen

  • weestst

hey i have 1 off these and ive deleted all my contacts , msgz , songs, pixz ect..... and every time i go onto the net it keeps saying my memory is full. how do i fix this problem? or restore factory settings ? i cant give it back because iv lost all my recipts in a car fire, soo it be good if there was a solution?? thanks...

  • ark

The phone rocks!!! value for money, really smooth menu.
All functions work fine.

  • De prince

It takes no down load i hate it 4 that daam

  • AnonD-74999

what do I do when I turn on my Alcatel OT-606, it shows a white screen and goes on all the time so please position. Download at your answers to questions

  • daras

what do I do when I turn on my Alcatel OT-606, it shows a white screen and goes on all the time so please position. Download at your answers to questions

  • why?

my alcartel can't download jar files.why?i in nigeria

  • don dave dove

how do i do to unlock my phone because it asking me for a network key when i put in any sim card and it display menu whenever no sim card is inserted

  • Anonymous

This was the first phone I've bought and it lasted quite a while it's got alot of scratches on it now but ti still works. I've had this phone for a year and a half now but the charger connection in the phone started playing up so i started using my usb charger and now it's completely dead and not charging =) I wouldn't recommend buying this phone if you wanted it to last for a long time

  • AnonD-71432

i think it is grat ive had one for five years it just pakd up so i am geting a nuver so get it

  • uglydude

i bought the alcatel from my friend lexi a while ago and she broke the screen but the alarm still goes off and i dont have a SIM card can i get it replaced or fixed and is it java enabled

  • paige

TheGuccison, 18 Jun 2012Can't any1 post anythin gud abt this phone? Am already havin dou... moreHi there i recommend you not to because of you do , its really a waste of time and as you know i was like you and i really liked this phone but unfortunaly when i brought it , it only lasted a couple of months because when you slide the phone up whats holding it is a plastic thing and most phones like this that slide up has a metal to slide it but this one unfortunally has a plastic on and does eventually break so yeaah i toke my alcatel ot 606 in the shop to fix and unfortunally they told me this and it cold not be replaced not worth your money serouslly

  • TheGuccison

Can't any1 post anythin gud abt this phone? Am already havin doubts about buying it. Just gonna ignore 'em

  • andee k

it's awesome

  • Claro boy

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2011The facebook working but the internet isn't That is because it is nOt a 3g or 4gPhone

  • Claro boy

reshuffle, 28 Sep 2011please whenever i log on to the net, within a couple of minutes,... morewhy would you want to go to the net on a slow phone

  • Claro boy

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2012they're a good phone. but i cant seem to send or receive pxt or... moreOk it could be from one or some or all fromthe above. 1.cell phone company 2. Plan you have chosen3. Broken phone

  • Claro boy

paiqeey, 01 Mar 2012these phones can be great but at the same time horrible first of... moreHow can it be for kids if you typed that the key bored brakes. Kid+Alcatel ot-606=broken phone and waste of money

  • Ivan

Probably the worst cell phone I've ever owned.
From day one, everyone few text messages I get, the phone restarts, tells me i have no messages or contacts, then after 5 minutes it reloads it.
If the phone is low on battery, it will remind me every 30 seconds for the next 2 hours with a loud and obnoxious beeping. And no way to disable this. I understand it is low on battery, why must it do this?!
The vibrate function is incredibly loud and unnecessary, people comment about it everyday.
Overall UI of the phone is poor, everything seems like a hassle to get to.

Don't buy this phone. I only got it because it was cheap and I had no upgrade available. Save yourself the trouble.
Web and e-mail functions are not even worth using they are so terrible.

  • wusmall

this model is not efficiency! because in IVORY COAST it's very impossible to go in the internet!