alcatel OT-890D

alcatel OT-890D

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jojo, 03 Jul 2014What will be the problem with my alcatel? when I make a cal... moreYour mic problem, maybe.

  • Anonymous

What a Ram ?

  • Anonymous

What Ram ?

  • Anonymous

vrr4141, 31 Aug 2017I just bought this phone now-old-stock , August 2017, for a... moredoes it support wifi thetering?

  • vrr4141

I just bought this phone now-old-stock , August 2017, for about USD 11, enough for spare phone , hidden in car's glove box / under motorcycle seat.

  • rickashiiboy

bogi, 07 Jul 2014I forgot previous gmail account password. Now i am having p... moresimple just create a new account in google in your pc and log in it to your android phone sorry from my bad english hope it works :D

  • Vik

Can some user please tell me whether 'runkeeper' app works on this phone? If yes, I intend to buy this phone as I like the ultrasmall size that'd be boon while running.

  • Siddesh

I need Batteries for this phone. Where to find??:(((

  • bogi

I forgot previous gmail account password. Now i am having problem oppening the market and watsup. PLEASE HELP ME

  • jojo

What will be the problem with my alcatel? when I make a call, that person can not hear me, but I do hear him. Could someone help with what setting to be done to solve this problem.

  • maluti

yap it is a. good
phone compared to prices and performance

  • AnonD-157425

I have the Alcatel OT-890 and one must keep in mind that it is a low-budget phone. I am quite satisfied, considering what I paid for it. Sometimes it does give me a problem, but so does the expensive phones do also. I think it's fair to rate the Alcatel 7/10.

  • pravin Deshmukh

I have a OT 890 D ALCATEL Mobile . & its Touchpad not working. I search for the same last 02 month. But not available any where. Any one suggest me for availability of Touchpad. Pls.

  • Anonymous

phone is good but system is very bad.

  • Anonymous

Its shit! Does not connect internet seriously

  • dr michel

the touch is very bad . . poor phone after all

  • Freiya

This is a great budget friendly Android phone. Considering its price range, at about $100, you can perform basic phone functions such as call, text, and use it as a clock/alarm. With a little more, you get a decent 2mp camera compared to VGA cameras older phones used to have. You also get a wifi capable phone where you can browse the internet! There are also basic apps you can install and lite games.

This phone has been with me for 1 yr and 3 months. I've dropped it more than 20 times and I get no dents, just casing scratches. I get no hardware malfunction as well.

If you're looking for better specs, then get a more expensive phone. sheez

BTW, if you're looking for screen protectors, there are some from ebay. And there's also a decent TPU case at

  • Ton

I think its a great phone for me. :)

  • AnonD-28172

PATALIM, 21 Aug 2011Got two of these cheapest Android 2.2 (froyo) Phone with Du... moreAn Update!

After more than 1 year of usage: the original battery is still good, has been rooted using gingerbreak v1.20 -- just run the apps, no need to reset phone first (as stated in the instruction found in the net, at least it works for me! - your choice).

In addition to what I have said before, this device is still good be sure to leave at least 30MB internal memory to avoid lags.


WIFI is fast (at my own AP & at public AP-depends on the no. of users)
GPS is good (using different navs)
radio is ok (not really using it)
sound is loud (at least to me)
as video/music player - very good.
for surfing - ok but due to small screen and lack of multi-touch, expreience can vary.
google play/and SD installation of apps - no problem
call and txt - no problem
bluetooh - very good.
dual sim - no problem.


If you can find it still and very very cheap buy it!,
if not then opt for a newer better spec'd phone.

  • dith jeebun

i've this since 1year ..too bad music quality too slow on playstore .and freezes often